Friday, July 17, 2009

What happens in Denver...

When you and your daughter take a girls trip and meet up with your mom, your sisters, and their babies

what happens first is

Your adorable 3-year old daughter falls on her head, becomes unconscious in your arms, stops breathing and turns blue (the longest and worst 30 seconds of your entire life) and you take an ambulance ride to the hospital.

And in Denver, little girls who suffer from concussions get a teddy bear from the hospital.

And what happens in Denver, when you get back to your hotel a few hours later, you find that Billy, the hotel "first responder" has delivered to your room a get well card, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and yet another teddy bear, waiting for the little girl who was taken out on a stretcher.

And in Denver, the next day the hotel staff delivers cookies and milk to the 3-year old girl with the concussion, just to make her feel better. Not to mention multiple phone calls to the room, just to check up on her.
Seriously, it was getting comical.
And Alex was loving it.

Our Denver trip did include more than just a traumatic event.

We enjoyed our beautiful hotel,
(the view from our 7th floor rooms)

The flowers from my dad, which also included gift cards to the spa,
(pregnancy massage anyone?)

And time spent with family.
(that's Alex hidden back there, holding her baby cousin with some unwanted assistance from mom)

And did I mention the food???

We loved seeing Naomi again - she's pretty much the cutest, funniest thing you've ever seen.
And one of the best parts was getting to meet the newest cousin, sweet baby Madden.

And, as you can see, Alex made a full recovery.

The problem with Denver is that, unlike Vegas, what happens in Denver does not stay in Denver.
It follows you home and haunts you.
I think I have post traumatic stress disorder.
(And I'm only kind of kidding.)

P.S. Murphy's Law:
When your husband is a doctor, all traumatic events and medically related incidents will occur while he is not present and/or unreachable.