Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I feel like blogging about

My Brother's Wedding.
I smile every time I look at this picture, remembering all that was going on and being said in the moment. My dads comment was, "Why is there so much damn drama in this family??!"
Let's just leave it at that : )

Alex's Surgery.
It was just tubes in her ears. Fast. Uncomplicated.
But also.
Seeing my little girl in surgical scrubs.
Watching her get piggy-backed off to the OR without me.
Hearing her screams as we headed back to see her in recovery.
Holding her limp and flailing little body as she screamed and cried for a good hour afterwards.
Maybe shooting my husband a look or two - the kind that means "Ithoughtyousaidthiswouldbenobigdeal?!?"
(although I now realize he had no idea what those looks meant - he says I speak in code)
But also.
Her mask smelled like strawberry candy.
She ate lots of popsicles.
They let her keep "Pudding" the puppy.
And Avery liked her scrub cap.

Father Son Ski Trip.
Noah's first time.
2 1/2 days on the mountains in Utah - saying that Noah loved is an understatement.
Noah called me after his first lesson and said, "Mom, it's so easy. I can totally ski. I go like 20 mph mom."
All day everyday he said to Paul, "This is so awesome dad. This is awesome."
He also told Paul the blues were "easy" and he wanted to do some black diamonds - which is when Paul had to draw the line.
Noah's new favorite sport. Paul couldn't be more proud.
A great experience for the both of them, it makes me so happy : )

Alex's 5th Birthday. And Paul's 32nd.
They share. They like it that way.
Took Alex and a few of her little girlfriends to the movies on Saturday - they were hilarious.
Opened presents on Sunday.
Paul and Noah put together Alex's doll-house (just what Paul wanted to do on his birthday I'm sure) the only thing she asked for this year.
And Avery decided she needed her picture taken too.
A good day.

And in case you are not on Facebook...
Paul's Status Update
Which he wrote after having taken an Ambien.
I was reading (and laughing) over his shoulder as he typed and tried to stop him (unsuccessfully) from posting it.
He has since deleted the post. But it was loooong.
He thanked people for the birthday wishes including those, "loved and hated and now just loved"
And said things like, "keep spreading the love Facebook"
Um. Yeah. Paul about died when he woke up and saw that on FB this morning.
Can't stop laughing about it : )

And that about wraps things up.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This is my bedraggled "I just spent an hour shoveling the driveway" look.

And a few hours later I got to spend another hour clearing away the wall of snow the plows left at the bottom of the driveway.
Oh yes and it's supposed to snow all night.
(Who needs the gym?)

I always feel so proud of myself after shoveling.

So I treated myself to way too many episodes (7 to be exact) of Downton Abbey in a 24-hour period.
You can stream it on Netflix.
So good. Can't wait for Season 2.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I consider myself lucky

Because it's been in the 30's for a couple of days...with 40 degree weather coming all week.
Noah says it "feels like July." I wouldn't go that far. But. I'm loving it.

Because these are my Valentines.

And I've got a lot of'em.
As I kissed Alex goodnight and said, "I love you my little valentine" she put on a pouty face and said, "Mom. I heard you tell dad that HE was your valentine." She wants to be everyone's one and only.

Because V-day was a good day.
I spent the morning playing with the girls: fingeroos, glitter nail polish, and sugar cookie making.

Alex wore pink and got my new signature hair style
(hey, this is good for me)

I got to go to the gym - but Alex was concerned about my lack of pink and red.
Alex, this headband is for you.

And the kids got a few little presents, packages from BOTH grandmas, and way too much candy from their parties at school.

So...even if the night ended with 3 wild kids and 2 exhausted parents (ready and willing to give our kids away to anyone who would take them)...I consider myself lucky.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


We have a little preschool carpool. So each time I pick up the kids I get to listen to their funny conversations the whole way home.
A few days ago Alex and Carter were swapping puke stories. Carter had recently been sick and told Alex proudly, "The other night I stayed up puking ALL NIGHT LONG!"
Alex responded with, "I've puked before too! One time I was standing in my kitchen and I opened my mouth and the puke just fell right out on the floor!"
Then there was lots of giggling (me included).

The next day the topic of conversation was Alex's new underwear.
Alex - Carter guess what?!? I got new undies!
Carter - You did!?! What are they?
Alex - I told you - new undies!
Carter - Yeah, but what's on them?
Alex - Oh ya know, some pink, some orange, some purple...
(And yes, Carter is a boy)

Yesterday when they hopped into the van Alex announced, "Carter when my dad gets home from work today my dad and my mom are going on a Valentine's Date!"
We did. And it was great.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


- saw True Grit (s0 good)
- cleaned my house from top to bottom (so long)
- upped my mileage and running speed at the gym (so hard)

and read a few good books in the last few weeks. maybe that's why I haven't had time to blog?