Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For Better and for Worse

Things have been busy around here lately

- 48 hour visit from my parents, jam-packed with fun
- Noah falls on his face, fractures his tooth and has oral surgery to have it extracted
- Noah and Paul spend 4 days in Utah, leaving me and Alex to enjoy some girl time

Someday I will blog about these events - I'll even throw in some pictures.
Right now, I'm too tired.

And I just ran out of ice cubes...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

30 days

Should I make a paper-chain?

If I could be sure I'd have my baby on (or BEFORE) that date, I would.
Too bad there's really nothing magical about the DUE DATE.
My babies have never been born on that day.
In fact I've never even gone into labor - 2 inductions.

So...this oughta be interesting, to say the least.
Mayo wont induce until I'm a full week late.
that means, if this baby is anything like my others, probably a 9.5 - 10 pounder.
[Noah, 2 days late, 9lbs 2 oz - Alex, 1 week early, 8lbs 7oz]

I started out this pregnancy planning on going late. You know, mental prep.
At this point I can only think as far as OCTOBER 22.
Anything beyond that will push me over the edge.

If October 22nd comes and goes with me still pregnant...well, I'll deal with that when I get there.
Right now I just can't.

Yes, I am that miserable.
Yes, I remember that recovery is miserable too.
But at least at that point you start to improve.
Right now, I'm on that downward slide - everyday, a little worse.

On second thought, maybe YOU should make a paper-chain.
Cuz I bet you can't wait for me to quit blogging about this pregnancy
(If it's any consolation, it's my last.)

And just for the record...I think it's a girl.
What's your guess?

Monday, September 21, 2009

pretty much like an episode of HGTV

How this
dated, faded, stained denim rocker

became this
updated, modern, ultra-cool rocker

All because of this girl right here.
(Elise, not me)

She's super smart, ultra talented and has great taste.
I never could have done it without her!
(really. never.)

And I couldn't be happier with the results...

It looks amazing in the nursery.

Thanks E!
I got more than just a cool rocker out of the deal -
thanks for the lunches, playdates, long talks and great laughs.
Love ya!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word of the Day

pica - a pattern of eating non-food materials such as:

Yeah, I have this.
Last week, as I was starting the dishwasher, I had the urge to eat this.

I didn't. I knew it wouldn't taste good.
But it looked soooo good.
All those crunchy little crystals...

Today as I was walking down the aisles of the grocery store
this looked even better.

All wrapped up into bite size portions.

No need to worry about me though.
I'm not crazy - it can happen during pregnancy.
And I'm not giving into temptation.

Except for all the ice cubes I'm crunching on.
(It's driving my husband crazy.)

5 more weeks...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And My Boy

Today was that monumental day in the life of every mother -
sending her oldest off to the first day of Kindergarten.

[so please excuse the too many pictures and the play-by-play]

This morning, Noah was excited and ready to go
(but only wanted to pose with his lunchbox, not his backpack - seriously he is so excited about that thing, he even helped me pack his snack)

We took Alex to preschool and then came home and parked the van in the garage, so we could walk to school, per Noah's request.
We only live 3 blocks away - but it's all uphill. A BIG hill.
I was dying.
He was loving it.
He stopped and picked me flowers along the way, held my hand, and grinned ear to ear.
(That made-up for the big hill I had to climb)

When we got there we found the spot where his class lines up
He dropped his backpack in line with the others...

And was on the playground in no time.

5 minutes later, the bell rang and Noah came running with all the other kids, lined up and put his backpack back on.
(What, you didn't think I was gonna leave yet did you?)

He's so not into posing for pictures, but I snapped a few anyways, while his teacher talked to the class.

This one's my favorite though - look at that smile : )

And suddenly they were on their way in.
I called goodbye, he smiled and waved, and it was a good thing I was wearing sunglasses.
Because this is when I started to cry.

I cried the three blocks home.
And when I saw my house, I had the strange feeling of not wanting to go inside, because it was empty of both of my kids.

I did go inside.
And cried some more.
And then I worked on some projects around the house.

2 1/2 hours later Alex and I walked up the hill to pick him up.
I brought my camera.
But I was too busy to take a picture.
My boy came running to me with a huge smile and open arms
for a big huge.

It was a good first day.
Love you Noah.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Girl

On her first day of preschool...
Alex looked like this

Ok so I'm a mean mom and insisted on the picture - even though she'd been having one emotional breakdown after the other, all morning long.

Maybe it was just the day - or maybe she got nervous at the last minute.
She's been so excited about preschool and woke up this morning eager to get ready for the big day.

And then the breakdowns began.
And then I insisted on a picture.
And then she insisted she couldn't possibly wear her backpack because it touches her bum.

On the way to school it was:
"No one talk to me - only daddy can talk to me!"
Daddy was at work.
"I need something to suck on!"
and me reminding her (as I've been doing all summer) that we don't take blankys or stuffed animals to preschool.
Her preschool has curbside pick-up and drop-off (best thing ever) but I asked her if she wanted me to walk her in on her first day:
"No! I want the teacher to get me, not you!"

And then we arrived and it was:
"Mommy will you help me find my cubby?"
Noah and I walked her in and helped her find her cubby.
And then she clung to me and whimpered,
"I wish you could stay, I'm going to miss you so much!"
And then the teacher took her by the hand and we left.

When we picked her up she was happy as can be.
She ran and got her backpack, and put it on like an expert
(the same backpack that touches her bum)
gave me a kiss
told me she had so much fun
(her favorite part was singing songs)
and then said,
"I didn't have anything to suck on and I didn't even cry!"
So proud.

And so was I.

Way to go Alex!
We love you!

And just so I don't forget...
Noah has been so cute about Alex starting preschool. He has taken it upon himself to teach her the ropes. Last night before bed he insisted on 5 minutes alone with Alex in her bed so he could tell her "some really special and important things."
Of course I listened from the hallway.
He told her all kinds of things - like how much fun it was going to be, what kinds of activities she would do, and what kinds of snacks she would have - while she listened, asked questions, and giggled with excitement.
One of those mommy moments that melts your heart.

Thanks for being a great big brother Noah : )
We love you too!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Only the Biggest and the Best

The Minnesota State Fair

It was crazy crowded
We saw the animals
Did a couple of rides, which the kids loved
And ate fried food to our hearts content: best corn dogs ever, fried cheese curds, fried snickers (I managed that one all by myself than you very much), gyros and greek fries, elk bugers, and malts from the dairy barn.
So. Good.
And so much fun.
It was an all day (exhausting) affair - but we'll be back next year!

As for Rochester, we've got our own fair worth bragging about:
The Mayo Fellows Fair
(for Mayo residents and their families).
And free! (Which the Minnesota State Fair definitely was not.)
It is seriously a blast - Paul had to work but the kids and I loved every minute of it.
Like the pizza, soda, snow cones, cotton candy, huge slide, bounce houses, remote control cars and airplanes, face painting, tattoos, magician, petting zoo, pony ride, wagon ride, and the simulated roller coaster.
I think that covers it.

Ended the summer with a bang.