Tuesday, January 26, 2010

some stuff

Alex can "see her nose"
pretty much one of the funniest things I've seen lately.

Except for the other day, when Alex was yelling at me, scratching her crotch and picking her nose all at the same time.

Right now her frequent phrase is,
"I can't get the heck of this!"
when she can't get the hang of something.

Mixing up words is something she does a lot of these days. It leads to troublesome phrases like asking for "daddy's dirty picture book" when what she means is his gross picture book
(what Noah and Alex call his medical books)
or calling the character in the Madeline movie "Sugar Nipples" when her actual name is Sugar Dimples.

Alex is a handful.

Speaking of which...
Our pediatrician told me yesterday at the doctors office that Avery is "feisty."
I wanted to say, "Have you met my other children???"
Pretty sure we don't make any other kind. (Ahem, remember what I said about being done?)

Speaking of the doctors office, Avery has bronchiolitis.
She is a sickly baby. Can you be sickly and fat at the same time? Avery is. She's been sick more than half of her life.
It's been a bad winter for sickness in our household. Is it because we have a kindergartner? A kindergartner and a preschooler? Or just bad luck? Either way, poor Avery has gotten the brunt of it. Which, in turn, is hard on me.

Speaking of which...
I got a stomach bug last week. As I was laying in misery on my bathroom floor I was thinking about how completely unable to cope with nausea and vomiting I have become. I've survived three pregnancies and I've hit my limit. I cannot stand being sick to my stomach. Haven't I paid my dues?!?!?

some other stuff...
I'm pretty sure that getting to the gym several times a week and having a garage door opener that actually worked (the first time you pushed the button!) would significantly lower my stress level and drop my blood pressure about 20 points.

Paul recently pointed out my special talent of always having cold Diet Cokes ready to go in the fridge. Before the old case is empty the new case has been dutifully placed in the fridge - overnight, for ideal temperature. We might run out of milk to drink or clean clothes to wear but there will always be a cold Diet Coke waiting. And that makes everything better, right? It's all about priorities people.

Avery's hospital binky: found
And we now have 2 identical backups (thanks Sarah!)

Reading "War and Peace" just might take the next 6 months of my life.
At the rate I'm going.

And have you read the "Dumb Bunnies" books?
Not sure who loves'em more, my kids or Paul?
My favorite is watching Paul try to read them to the kids. Paul is laughing so hard at the book he can't hardly read, the kids are laughing at the book and their dad, and I'm laughing at all of it together.

mostly, life is good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Into Thin Air

A good book, but also a fitting description for Avery's favorite binky.
It. Is. Gone.
A disaster of epic proportions - oh, sorry am I talking about the book again?
Ok, maybe not as epic as the Mt Everest disaster the book recounts but nevertheless a disaster (of small proportions).
Because, you see, this binky cannot be replaced.
The one and only binky Avery has ever accepted is the one we got at the hospital. And I have held onto it for deal life for the past three months.
And suddenly, this afternoon...GONE.

I even sent the kids on "Mission Binky"
during which they used phrases like, "Our only hope is..."
But ultimately a failure.

So now...
Our only hope is...
that Avery will accept one of the following options




And although those Soothies look like the hospital binkys, and claim to be used by hospitals, they are not the same.
And Avery's no dummy.

Wish us luck.

Did I mention that Avery is sick?
which leads to bouts of fussiness, crying, and inconsolability?
and oh yes, Paul is on call.

Forget Luck - start Praying
(which, by the way, Noah already did. sweetest thing ever)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Magic Number

This little chubb-o is 3 months old

The magic number, if you ask me.
Don't misunderstand, I love having a sweet little newborn, but...
at 3 months they are suddenly so much more fun!
Smiles, coos, more interactive and interested in everyone and everything around them.
Love Love Love it.

3 might also be the magic number for our family.
Because we just might be done.
If you are mormon and reading this post I can guess your reaction (I've seen them all by now). In some ways, not surprising considering that the bare minimum for mormon families seems to be 4 kids. Then again, I keep hearing 4 is the new 6. So shouldn't 3 be the new 5? : )

What I will say is this: I know God has a plan for my family. It may not be the one I always envisioned. But I have been reminded lately that His plan is far better than my own. So I think we'll go with His. I don't claim to know what the future has in store for us (although we're pretty sure it's NOT another pregnancy). And I don't claim to know all the reasons why. Maybe raising these 3 is going to take everything we've got and more. (likely.) Maybe there's an adoption in our future. (something I think about a lot these days, ask my husband how much he loves it.) Maybe something else entirely unforseen and unclear to me at this moment.

And so for now I am enjoying the moment. Living in the now and trying not to worry so much about what the future does or does not hold for our family. Any way you look at it though I'm feeling pretty blessed. I'm in love with my family.

Yep, 3 is pretty magic.

Monday, January 18, 2010

3rd from the Left

That's my Mom.
Not our sister, although she gets that all the time.

This is my sisters, my mom, and I at my sister Tiff's wedding about 2 1/2 years ago.
(Please ignore my really big hair)
My mom sent us this picture the other day, just for fun.
She does things like that.

is my mom's birthday.

I may not be just like my mom, but I learned all the important stuff in life from her.
Like what really matters:
The Gospel
Putting Others First

and a few other fun things, like:
don't eat hot tamales in Hawaii
and they make Juicy Couture in size 0-3 mos

I may not be just like my mom but I'm glad she's my mom.
and my friend.
and grandma to my kids.

Because it doesn't get any better than her.

Love you so much mom!!!
Happy Birthday

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Maybe

Alex has been sick
For three LOOONG days.
She's not the best patient. You know how some kids just want loves and snuggles when they're sick (like my other two)? Not this one. Mostly she just screams, cries, and yells at you.
You cannot do anything right.
She's major drama.

So, yesterday, we might have gone to Kwik Trip.
With her looking like this.
Nightgown that's about 3 sizes too big, black leggins underneath (cuz it's freezing), shoes with no socks (cuz she refused) and hair that hasn't been brushed for three days.

Maybe we got some looks.

And just maybe, the reason for the trip was
Diet Coke and Chocolate.

Like I said, three LOOONG days.

On a different note...
I love this picture of Avery.

I think she maybe looks like springtime
Or just maybe I wish it were springtime.

And Noah took this picture of me and Avery

And just maybe next time he'll drop the camera so I can get a new one.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Noah

Thanks for keeping me sane today. Even though you followed me around the house and talked my ear off all day. You're good company. And some days, your 6-year old conversations are as close to an adult conversation as I get.

Today you were so helpful with Avery when she was so fussy. You are always great with your baby sister. You run and get things for me whenever I need help with her and you sit and keep her happy when I'm busy with something else. And she loves you.

Today you helped me do about 6 loads of laundry. Just because you wanted to. It was nice to have your company while we folded. In between loads we played the Wii together. Thanks for improving my golf game - you were a patient teacher when I was frustrated.

Then, when I needed a break this evening and tried to escape to the tv all by myself you joined me. But that was ok because you snuggled me and we watched "Tuck Everlasting" and it was fun.

Noah, I love you always. But I gotta say 6-year old Noah is pretty great. It might just be my favorite you so far.

Love Mom

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

Well, usually she's more like a 'high-maintenance thing'
But I think it's so cute when she falls asleep on her blanky in the middle of the living room floor amid all the noise and chaos.
With one sock kicked off.

Those pictures might all look the same to you, but I just couldn't eliminate any of'em.
This little girl has got her momma wrapped around her little finger.

And at this very moment
(with 4 - yes FOUR - big kids running wild thru the house)
here's my little girl...

I just want to crawl under that playmat and snuggle up to her.
Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You can thank me later

Ever heard
Joshua Radin?

If you answered "no" got to i-tunes and check him out.
Like right now.

Man, I love this guy
(referring solely to his music, of course)

Before I had the baby (you know, in my previous life with only 2 kids) Paul and I saw him in concert in St Paul.

Such a fun night. It was great to get out of little old Rochester (much as I love it) and into the cities. {Except for the part where Paul saw a guy with a gun walk right up to the other side of the glass window we were sitting at in the restaurant - and then saw 2 other guys come up behind and pull guns on the first guy. Then throw him into a van and drive off.
Turns out they were undercover cops. We did not witness a kidnapping.}

The theater district was pretty cool - we definitely need to go there more often.
The theater where the concert was held?
Well it was flat out gorgeous.

Not only was Joshua great in concert but so were his openers.
Check out
Amber Rubarth's "Edge of My Seat"
Gary Jules'
"Falling Awake"

The concert was months ago and I never got around to posting about it - probably because I had big plans for the post, like including links to all their music.
So not happening.
You're going to have to go to i-tunes all on your own.
But I promise you it will be well worth it.

A few of my faves...

You Got Growing Up to do
Only You
One of Those Days
I'd Rather Be With You
Brand New Day
Everything'll Be Alright
Sundrenched World
Lovely Tonight
We Are Okay
The Fear You Wont' Fall

Sorry did I say a few???


Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Last year, I made the mistake of showing this movie to the kids on Christmas Eve.

Alex has been terrified of the Grinch ever since.

Although she does do a great impersonation
"The, The, The, THE GRINCH!"

First thing this morning Alex said to me,
"Mom, I had nightmares last night! But I don't want to tell you what it was about because it was too scary. Do you know what it was? It was something GREEN!"

Can you guess???

update: Alex took one look at this blog post and said,
"That really creeps me out."
Sorry Alex.

Gourmet Christmas Dinner 2009

Before our family arrived, we attended the annual
Gourmet Christmas Dinner
hosted by our friends the Fowlers.
(Ok, so last year was the first one, but we loved it so much it's become a tradition)

Melissa is an amazing hostess

This year the menu was as follows, with each couple providing one course:

First Course
Hot Mulled Apple Cider
Boursin Creamed Spinach Dip

Second Course
Field Green Salad with Toasted Goat Cheese
Cheddar Cheese Scone

Main Course
Pork Medallions with Mustard-Chive Sauce
Caramelized Carrot Risotto

Fourth Course
Gingerbread Cake with Spiced Creme Anglaise and Caramelized Apples

Besides delicious food and great conversation we enjoyed a game of Snapdragons, a Fowler family Christmas tradition. And anyways, "Any game involving fire and liquor is always a great idea, especially if you are Mormon."
(thanks for the quote Meliss)
exciting, scary, fun, scary.
We may have almost burned the house down. Or maybe that was just Melissa's hair

Thanks for a memorable evening everyone!

Until next year...

Monday, January 04, 2010

A Minnesota Christmas

We were so lucky to have family come and spend Christmas with us in Minnesota this year.

Noah and Avery anxiously awaiting the arrival of Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Landon

The first thing Noah did was show Grandma which present he was planning to open on Christmas Eve

We spent a couple of days before Christmas at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.
The highlights?
(adults too - Avatar anyone???)
Good Food
Princess Tiana Barbie for Alex and Build-A-Bear for Noah
(Grandma spoils them)
and of course COUSINS!
My sister Michele, her husband John and their adorable kids Boston and Naomi arrived at 2:30am in the middle of a blizzard.

Alex couldn't get enough of "Meeome" and insisted on riding with her all day.

Group picture, except Noah, who is hiding behind my legs.

We headed home on Christmas Eve for a nice dinner, the opening of one gift each, and preparing cookies and milk for Santa.

Everybody loves Grandpa

Noah was so cute with his little cousins.
Except for when he shut Boston up in his room with him and taught him how to jump off of tall furniture onto the bean bag.
My sister probably didn't think that was so cute.

Sisters and their babies
Did I mention I was in bed by midnight on Christmas Eve??? Huge improvement from last year, when I was flying solo - oh it's great to have your husband home for the holidays.

Christmas morning arrived and we had a full house.

The kids are just getting started, but believe me, they provided all kinds of entertainment. Ok mostly just Alex. That girl is crazy-hilarious.

One of the favorite gifts this year was the trampoline from Santa

"I've never seen such a dolly as this!"

Naomi didn't have a clue what was going on but had plenty of presents anyways.

Lovin' their Christmas jammies

Um...Boston loves balls

Even Avery was happy as can be and all smiles
(finally caught on camera!)

Maybe it was that designer outfit Grandma bought for her.
Because, "Every girls needs at least one designer outfit."
Right mom?

Uncle Landon, snuggling the babes on their first Christmas.

Avery and Grandpa, all worn out

Another hit - plasma car for the grandkids

Alex just couldn't wait to watch her new Sleeping Beauty movie with her new Sleeping Beauty Barbie and her giant Ballerina doll

That night we all got to talk to my brother Tanner, currently serving a mission for our church in Mexico City. Once again, Naomi didn't have a clue what was going on.

The boys even managed to squeeze in some sledding - it was Boston's first time

Noah couldn't wait to show off his personal sledding hill

Did I mention how much fun my kids had with their cousins?

And this is the most snuggly baby ever.
Christmas day was great.
The next day we went swimming/hot tubbing at Grandma and Grandpa's hotel

Alex is getting brave (sort of)

The cousins enjoyed a movie (or a few) together

Sunday we all went to church together and enjoyed Paul's last day off
(He got 5 - sooo lucky).
And ate. and ate. and ate.

On Monday it was time to say goodbye. And it was hard.
Really hard.

So...not my most exciting post.
But a very exciting Christmas.

It doesn't seem like it from this post but it was a crazy busy 6 days. It felt like we were going non-stop.
Guess that's what happens when you put together 12 people, including 5 kids under the age of 6, lots of cooking and eating of way too much good food, holiday shopping, gift wrapping, staying up late and other holiday activities.
We loved every minute of it.

Thanks for coming everyone! It couldn't have been better.
(except if Tiff Randy and Madden had been there - we missed you guys!)