Monday, May 07, 2012


So let's be honest...
the week in UT was really all about this.

At least for these two.  

Noah did so awesome. Only his second time skiing and he did blues with his dad all week.  He wanted to do blacks : )

The boys had so much fun together.  And Noah could ski. all. day. Which is what they did.

And then I would find them like this.  Paul was supposed to be putting Noah to bed.
The funny thing about this picture is, when Paul saw it he said, "hmmm I don't remember that..."
Lol, exactly!

I didn't get a chance to ski this year but the girls and I stayed plenty busy.
With cousins!

Not just Jack and Isabelle and Betsy - I'm just really bad at taking pictures and Kori isn't : )
We also spent time with Cash, baby Gwen, Boston, Naomi, and baby Rowen.

We visited a couple different museums and a bounce house.
Ate way too much good food everyday.
The big girls had a movie date with Grandma.
I spent time with my sister and saw her new house.
Paul made a quick trip down to BYU.
We visited with old friends.

And we celebrated Alex's 6th birthday!
She was so excited to have a cousin party.
But first, Grandma let her pick out a new outfit and then took her to have her hair and nails done.  Alex's dream come true.
Aunts, Uncles, and cousins all met up with us for pizza for lunch, and then we headed to the trampoline place.
So much fun - and not just for the kids : )  We will definitely be doing that again.

Then we headed back to Grandma's for dinner (Cafe Rio for grown-ups, hot dogs for kids per Alex's request) and cake, ice cream, and presents.
And Alex is always so much fun to watch : )

 And suddenly the week was over!
The next morning we loaded up the car and started our drive to AZ.

Thanks to all of our family members who spent so much time with us while we were there.  It was a great week and we love and miss you!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

How it Started

Last year, we loved our time away in FL so much we decided we'd better sign ourselves up for another away rotation the following year.
So at the end of February we got ready to go to AZ.

Paul took some time off so we could drive to UT first, and spend a week there visiting family.  And so the boys could snowboard/ski.

We left on a friday morning...

and we did.not.stop.
Yes, we rolled in to Salt Lake City 21 hours later.

Honestly, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision.
We were proud.
And no, the kids did not sleep.  At least not long - from midnight to 5am, everyone was awake.

But we made it. 
And then we got in Grandma and Grandpa's hot tub : )

And I was really really tired all day, even though Paul did almost all the driving.