Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 weeks later

I could blog about how sick we've all been, and how sick I still am 3 weeks later, but that would just be depressing. But really, if we ever needed a reminder that we cannot do another pregnancy (we didn't) this was it. I'm on my second round of antibiotics and I need to get better SOON.

We are headed to Florida in 8 days (hence the need to get better SOON). We will be there for 2 months. The current temperature in Jacksonville is 86 degrees. Visitors welcome : )

We are driving. Our kids are not car kids. Paul does not cope well with kids screaming in the car (why can't he just ignore it, like me??). So we are taking 5 days to do it, with lots of fun stops on the way.

Paul took the kids to the library last night and Noah came home with books about all the different states we're driving through. With maps. Love that kid.

Avery insists on wearing her hoodie, with the hood on, everysingleday. Like a gangsta. Except that her hoodie is pink with flowers on it. I think Avery is cuter and funnier everyday. Her whole life I have been thinking to myself, "I wish she would stay this age forever." Maybe I will keep thinking that for the whole rest of her life? Love that girl.

Avery is finally talking. She says everybody's name (and lots more), but the person she asks for the most is Alex. Alex said to me the other day, "mom I'm so happy that I'm Avery's new favorite person!" Love that girl. And she is so sweet to me when I am sick. Except for today, but I forgive you Alex.

Today I heard myself saying (in frustration) to Avery, "you need to stop wanting things you cannot have." good advice for all of us really.

I just spent a weekend in The Cities with a few of my besties. It was THE BEST. Even if we were sick. And even if we did all share one king size bed.

Paul and Avery bonded while I was gone.

Probably the next time I update this blog we will be in Jacksonville. Maybe I'll even take some pictures.

I will miss my friends while we are gone. But I will be at the beach, the pool, the park, Disneyworld, outsideinthesun...so I think I will be ok. For 2 months anyways.

When we come back it will finally be summertime in Rochester.

Here's to 5 months of summer! (and a more exciting blog)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The kind of girl we are raising

Alex is constantly making up her own jokes. They are not funny and they never make any sense. Until today:

Alex: Why did the princess fart on the tree?
Carter: I don't know, why?
Alex: To make her boyfriend laugh!!

I laughed out loud.