Monday, June 29, 2009

For your Consideration

The kids and I had a great time in Newport Beach with Paul's family this past week.  Thanks everyone!  I couldn't have done it without all your help.

I am never traveling alone with both of my kids (and soon to be third).  Ever.  Again.  [Complaints about my kids from surrounding passengers on 3 out of my 4 flights - seriously???]

Paul is officially DONE with intern year and at this very moment is experiencing his first day on the job as an ANESTHESIA RESIDENT.  Hurray!

Life is good.  I'm happy.  


Lexie said...

Love the post, I always feel like I'll never travel with my kids alone again, and then somehow it always seems to happen again. What is it with that? Congrats to Paul on his award. I'm so glad you guys got away for a little trip to Chicago, I'm sure it was awesome!

s.k.i.p. said...

congrats. awesome job, paul! and you! (i know how much more YOU have to work when you have a husband who has to work crazy hard). i'll be flying alone with my two next month... not looking forward to it:)!

Lori said...

Thanks Jim :)

I hope life is going to get much better for you now!

Lori said...

or do I mean thanks Dwight? sorry :)

Sarah said...

I hope you meant for me to read that as if you were Dwight Shrute because I did, and I loved it :)

Shellie said...

I have missed you! Can't wait to catch up. I hope Paul's first week went well. It was so fun to see him be recognized for intern of the year at the dinner :)