Thursday, October 01, 2009

43 Hours of fun

My parents were here for less than 48 hours, after visiting my sister in Chicago, but we managed to squeeze a lot of fun into that short period of time.

We went to the National Eagle Museum in Wabasha, MN (who knew?) where we attended an hour long show with nothing but senior citizens - which meant both of my kids got to participate. Noah even got a front row seat between some nice old people.
And we all got an up close and personal encounter with the eagles.
Noah loved it.

(Noah's lip - yes, that story is coming in a separate post)

It was in a beautiful spot along the Mississippi river
but Noah wouldn't hold still long enough to get his picture taken.

Nice day too, but SO bright. I had to give up my sunglasses to Noah and this is the best family picture we could get - and that wasn't easy.
Such a photogenic family.
(sarcasm intended)

Then we headed across the river into Wisconsin where we had lunch at a great little creamery.
And ice cream too of course.

The adults were exhausted but the kids insisted on swimming that night at Grandma and Grandpa's hotel pool.

Noah even swam - like really swam - without his floaties!

Alex eventually snuggled up on a lounge chair and took her third nap of the day.

The next day Paul was back at work but the kids squeezed in lots of playtime with Grandma, a lunch date, a trip to the toy store and the local bakery before Grandma and Grandpa had to head to the airport to catch their flight.

Noah loved having Grandma and Grandpa walk him to school both mornings,
and Alex loved posing for my mom.

Thanks for coming Grandma and Grandpa! We had so much fun and miss you tons!
Good thing Grandma will be back in October, November, and December!
Grandpa, we can't wait to get you back with her in November and December : )

Love you!


Faye said...

I can't wait to be back - it's already October - so it will be here in no time. We had a great visit - only wish it could have been longer - but of course I do have - Oct, Nov, and Dec :)

Randy and Tiffany said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! And sounds like Mom is gonna be out there A LOT in the next couple months! Can't wait to come out too in November! :)

Shellie said...

I LOVE the family picture in Wabasha. Classic.

Melissa said...

Miss you. I can't believe that horrible dentist expereince didn't put you into labor!

I'm going to go take MY third nap of the day....