Saturday, December 05, 2009


I could give you all kinds of details and tell many a funny story about last week - but for some reason (i.e. three kids) my "free" time is extremely scarce at the moment.
So I'll keep it short and get right to the point. was awesome.

First, my sister Tiff, with her husband Randy and baby Madden, came from Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with us.

It was their first trip to Rochester, I hadn't seen this guy since he was a newborn, and I can't tell you how much I loved having my sister here.

The day after their arrival, and the day before Thanksgiving, we had Noah's 6th Birthday Party at Soccer World.
Best. Thing. Ever.

Here's a few action shots...

I'm a great photographer, no?
But you get the idea. He had the time of his life.

These are the only photos I have of Thanksgiving day...
the babies lying in their boppys like perfect angels while we feasted.

But I can tell you it was enjoyed by all.
The highlight just might have been drinking straight from the Martinelli's bottles, which is becoming something of a Thanksgiving tradition for us.

On Friday evening my parents arrived.
And on Saturday morning Paul's parents arrived.
All just in time to celebrate Noah's ACTUAL 6th birthday.

Think balloons, more presents

and an ice cream cake from Cold Stone, per Noah's request.

Then the gifts were enjoyed

and games were played.
Including, but not limited to, the Limbo.
Which Alex is the star of - or at least she had us laughing while trying.

Noah was not the only one who got a gift that day.
My mother-in-law brought me (and Avery) this baby sling designed for the "overwhelmed caregiver" (seriously, it's in the manual - and I definitely qualify).

It is now where she spends the majority of her time. We both love it.
Thanks Grandma Gunn!

And speaking of Avery, she is much more alert and so fun.

She's full of smiles (although none caught on camera yet) which means Paul is going to have to give up this lovely imitation of Avery's facial expressions.

(pretty good, no?)

And speaking of faces, here's Alex's face after eating donuts (the top only) for breakfast (and possibly lunch and dinner too).

Sunday was the day Avery Jane was blessed by her father.
It was a wonderful blessing and we are so grateful to all of the family members who were able to be there to participate.

As for this family photo...well, what can I say? We'll just add it to our collection of ridiculous family photos - we're really good at those.

(although it is getting semi - embarrassing.)

Avery was a sweetheart during her blessing, but less than happy to take pictures afterwards.
(yep, definitely one of ours)

Paul's parents

My parents and youngest brother

And my sister Tiff - who had to leave immediately afterwards.
Yeah, I cried. And I want her to come back. And I've been missing her everyday since.

And I'm not the only one. Alex was so sad to see them go.

Here we are with our beautiful (screaming) baby girl.
(and someone please tell me that's not what I really look like!!!)

My parents took off the next day but we spent a couple more days with Paul's parents - this was their first visit to Rochester as well.
We were able to sneak in some Christmas shopping AND a date for me and Paul.

In summary:
8 days
13 people
2 birthday parties
1 Thanksgiving
and 1 baby blessing

Like I said...


Randy and Tiffany said...

this post about made me cry...and about made me jump in the car to drive back out there. today we were on the freeway headed that direction to a mall and I told Randy to just stay on the freeway and keep driving to Rochester. Apparently he thought I was kidding. I think we are definitely going to have to make drinking out of the martinellis bottles a thanksgiving tradition. As well as your to.die.for yams...I have been craving them daily since we have been home. And I have been craving Avery. Miss her. And I laughed out loud at the picture of Paul imitating her baby face. that weekend was the best. love you!

JoAnna said...

So many great pics and details! So fun!! And, I promise, you look so good in real life. No chubby cheeks AT ALL!!!!

Faye said...

You've had quite a LOT going on - Thanks for being such a good hostess and welcoming us all into your home so we could enjoy all these happy events with you. We had such a great time - I think we will have to come back for Christmas just to see Paul do his Avery impersonation :) Great post, great week, great family of yours! No wonder we keep coming back for more!

Michele said...

i want to know when you cried that i wasnt there. everyday, right?

Summer said...

yep. everyday.

But really, I cried when you left too last year. Just not in front of you : )

Denver 2012 baby! Get Tiff on board! (oh yeah, and our husbands)

Shellie said...

Wow Sum no wonder I haven't seen you lately. Looks like tons of fun!! Paul's face imitating Avery = hilarious!!!!! And you look AMAZING, so beautiful!

Randy and Tiffany said...

Whats this Denver 2012 business?? Why not 2011? And do you mean get our husbands on board to go on the trip too? Or get them on board to stay home and watch all the kids? ;)

Summer said...

Not a trip silly...we're going to move there and be sisters and neighbors. Shel and I decided the other day. It will be perfect : ) So get on board for 2012

Michele said...

im in. john is in. paul, tif and randy need to get with the new program.

John said...

The look on Alex's face when she was doing the Limbo is awesome....we need to do that again during Christmas so John and Shel can see.....that kid is crazy.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Oh, I didn't realize that was the plan, to all LIVE there in 2012! Sounds good to me! I'm in! I will convince Randy ;)

Carrie Anne said...

oh what a fun weekend. i love this post b/c sisters are just the best, so i am glad your sister got to come. avery is an absolute doll. is that the same baby blessing dress alex was blessed in b/c i remember that i love it! seeing avery makes me want a baby right this second! except that i might go nuts b/c chumby is out of control. have a great week!!!

Sarah said...

You have had a LOT going on! How are you doing? Holy cow. It looks like so much fun! Having family around is the best. Also, Paul's face imitating Avery just made my day. Haha. I love it.

robyne said...

Ummm yeah Paul looks as handsome as ever, I didn't even realize that he was trying to copy Avery's face.

Speaking of Avery...she is beautiful, but then you do have beautiful children kiddo! love you guys!!

Mike said...

My favorite was the family picture, totally classic!!

Tracey said...

Sounds like so much fun! I hear those slings are amazing, it will be on my list for the next baby...yes there is life after 3 kids...although it took us nearly two years to feel that way.... hang on, your time will come too! Good luck in the meantime!

Emily said...

Hey Summer,

It's Emily Gibb here. I've been meaning to get a hold of you, well, since August(!) but I lost your email address somewhere along the way. Congratulations on Avery's arrival. She is so so adorable and I'm sure you're thrilled to have her here.

I'll keep this short for now, but I'd love to get your address to send you guys a Christmas card (that will undoubtedly arrive late). Also, if you have time, if you could send me the Hanson's address as well that would be great. My email is

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas season!

Catherine Call said...

Your posts are the best. I LOVE all your commentary! Paul's imitation of Avery is amazing. Seriously!