Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And that's why

Remember when my kitchen looked like this?

As of last week it looks like this:

And as of a few days ago it looks like this:

I've been hard at work with a few of my amazing, smart, talented, selfless friends (Cat, Carly, Jess). I'm only half-way done but I am LOVING IT! The transformation is amazing and the many many hours and hours and hours of work I (we) have put into it are paying off!
Can't wait to reveal the finished product : )

That's not the only project I took on this summer. First, I decided to get organized with my kids and come up with a really great reward system for the summer. I put a lot of time and effort and thought into this and was super excited about it.

It failed. Big Time.
But that was ok. I worked out the kinks and came up with a new point chart for my kids to earn those amazing dollar store prizes (and some fun activities with mom and dad).
This one has worked out well for us.
(Thanks Goodness)

Meanwhile, lots is new around here.
We got pets.

The first pet, a Venus Flytrap.
Sent to Noah by Grandma Hunt (jar of dead flies included)

(Noah refused to pose, Alex obliged)

We figured if we could keep a carnivorous plant alive we could an animal alive too.
Actually, the kids have been doing chores (and other odd things like taking family pictures) and saving their money for months in order to buy a fish (and tank and accessories).
They finally did it.

Meet Oshi
Our beta fish, and the best pet ever.
The kids love him.

They have also loved staying busy with all kinds of different activities this summer:
swimming lessons
dance class
and nature camp so far.
Much more to come.

And, last but not least, Avery is crawling!

And she got her first two teeth.
The crawling and the teeth are pretty much the cutest ever.

And she still has red hair.
Love it.

p.s. next week...the kids and I are headed to Chicago to see my sis. Can't wait.

can you keep up??
I can't.


Rich and Natalie said...

Your kitchen is looking so good!! Can't wait to see it all done. Let me know when we can have your kids again so you can keep painting away :).

J. Dormer said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous! Your family is adorable Summer.

mandy* said...

Love, love, love the kitchen transformation! The white cabinets look awesome.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! It is looking so good already! I love the white cabinets.

Lezli said...

Summer- your kitchen looks great! You have worked hard. And your summer sounds like a ton of fun! Enjoy your visit with your sister:)
(Love the pets. . . . low maintenance. . . .)XOXO

Melissa said...

Love the Dollar Store. Kids are such SUCKAS for that crap.

The cabinets look great so far! When's Paella so I can come see them?

Elise said...

LOVE THE KITCHEN SUMS! It seriously looks so fantabulous! Hope you have a great time in Chi-town : D Check my blog for a post dedication the next few days... and to see Medford, where you're going to move in a few years. Hee Hee Hee

gregandlaura said...

LOve the white! But wow -that is a ton of work!!!! Good job! And that is so funny, Addy has reddish/strawberry blonde hair too! So random :)

Shellie said...

The kitchen looks fab! So glad you went with a fish rather than a dog.......love ya!

Carrie Anne said...

friend! so great to see you posting! it's been too long, of course!:) can't wait to see pics from chicago...have a blast!!

Carrie Anne said...

oh yeah...love love love the kitchen!!! it looks awesome! way to go!

JoAnna said...

Whew! You are amazing! SOOOO beautiful is your kitchen, SOOOO cute are your kids, SOOOOO funny and witty are you! It's no wonder I love you SOOOO much!

Lexie said...

Holy cow, you wear me out, where do you get all your energy? Your kitchen looks awesome, what an amazing difference, I love your vision and can't wait to see the finished product!