Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Road Trip

Day One:
Stayed at a waterpark in some tiny town in Iowa. The kids loooved it.

Day Two:
Drove through Illinois and stopped off at Nauvoo for a couple of hours.
Made a rope at the Family Living Center, got a brick at the kiln, ate a gingerbread cookie at the bakery. Noah loved it. Avery is not going back until she is MUCH older.

And somewhere in Missouri this happened too -

Drove on to St Louis where we stayed for the night.
Huge room, so nice. Swam (er hot tubbed) with the kids and ordered pizza.

Day Three:
Stopped at 7-11 in downtown St Louis where we were afraid for our lives.
Then did the St Louis Arch.
Pretty cool.

Then back on the road.
Stayed in Nashville, Tn that night.
The kids embarrassed us at a mexican restaurant.
And Noah barfed in the car when I made him clean up the mess he made in his cup holder (soggy goldfish floating around in juice).

Day Four:
Stopped at Old Stone Fort State Park in TN. Hiked around, saw the falls and the indian ruins.

Drove on to Atlanta Georgia.
Stayed with our good friends the Laings.
Had so much fun, thank you Steve and Kim!

Day Five:
Drove the last 6 hours into Florida!!

Picked up Paul's rental car, stopped at the hospital to get keys to our place, got settled in the apartment, got a few groceries.
Exhausting Day.

Didn't stop me and the kids from hitting the beach the next day!

We are in love.
And sunburnt.


Elise said...


mnjacksons said...

Yay i am so glad you made it. Have so much fun in FL!

Tiffany said...

How come Avery all the sudden looks SUPER grown-up!? Man, I wanna come down there so bad! Not just so I can hang out on the beach with you every day, but so I can see you and those cute kids faces! Curse those stupid rising gas prices...!

Shellie said...

Holy cow you had WAY more fun on your road trip than we did! I guess apt. hunting in the midst of getting to FL threw us off a bit :(

I'm dying at the Noah barfing part..hahaha.

Sarah said...

Yay you made it! And it looks like you had such a fun trip down. I love all of the things you were able to do and I am totally jealous of your beach days! Also, Avery's hair looks so cute and red! I love it!

Faye said...

Applause to Paul for planning out a road trip with something fun for everyday. I LOVE the family photo at the top of the arch! Counting down the days until I'm in Florida with all of you.

Lexie said...

Sounds like a big trip, way to go and good luck!

ashalston said...

Hi! I'm Tiffs friend and will soon be joining you and your cute family at the beach... I can't wait!!!

Summer said...

we can't wait!!