Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

A miracle. A bit of snow the day before Christmas Eve.

An even bigger miracle. The rolls I made for Christmas Eve dinner (and orange rolls too, for dessert and breakfast).
I can't remember being more proud, at least of my accomplishments in the kitchen.
A big thank you to my friend Carolyn, for the tutorial and the faith : )

Paul was home.
The kids were excited.
Dinner was delicious (tri-tip, gouda potatoes, rolls, sparkling cider).

The kids each opened one present, as per tradition.
Noah loved making slime (from G&G)

Alex read her new Fancy Nancy books from Noah.
(A few days before Christmas he asked Paul to take him to the store so he could use his money to pick out a present for both of his sisters. We kind of couldn't believe it, it was awesome.)

Avery immediately undressed and snuggled the newest addition to her collection of babies (from G&G)

We finished up, by candlelight, The Christ Book, A Countdown to Christmas.
Something I put together for my family. Been wanting to do it for years, so glad I finally did, we loved it.
Also spent the week of Christmas reading "The Nutcracker" and "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". I think those will be a tradition now too.

Set our alarms and woke up at 6am Sunday morning - the kids insisted on doing ALL the gifts before 9am church : )
Everyone was happy!

Noah's favorite was his remote control helicopter (in the background)

Alex got the American Girl look-like-me doll that she's been "wishing for"

And Avery loved it all - but mostly the soda and goldfish she found in her stocking : )

I actually loved going to church on Christmas Day, it was a beautiful meeting.
And, bonus, we got a family pic!

We spent the afternoon playing with all our toys (helicopter, just dance, karaoke).

Oh yeah, and Avery started potty-training herself. No joke. She got undies in her stocking and there was no going back for her. I broke out the little potty and she took it from there.

Paul and I snuck in a little nap/rest.

We face-timed with the fam in different parts of the country.

And had fondue for dinner with our friends the Weights.

4 Christmases spent here in this home, in Rochester, MN.
I've loved them all.


Faye said...

Love the post - how did you ever manage to get a family photo on Christmas Day - AWESOME!!!!

SKIPR said...

You're great, Summer! :)
Glad you guys had a good Christmas:)

John said...

First time i ever saw Noah smile in a picture. Too bad Alex isnt smiling :)

Tiffany said...

I've never seen a post that contained so many pictures with Noah in them. He must have been a happy kid on christmas day!

Shellie said...

I miss you!! Looks like such a fun Christmas :) Your family picture is adorable.

Emily said...

Those rolls look amazing! And your mention of orange rolls has me thinking I'll need to make them, pronto. I'll have to ask Carolyn what her secret is.

Sarah said...

So proud of you and your roll success! Woohoo!

Love the family picture, so much. You all look darling.

It looks like it couldn't have been a better Christmas! :)