Saturday, September 13, 2008

5 Days

We spent them with my little sister and her baby

This is "cousin Boston"
Have you seen anything cuter?  Or rounder?

We did get one warm sunny day, which we spent picnicking at the park.  It also happened to be Paul's day off, which makes for a lovely day in any kind of weather.

The cousins could have swung together all day long...

Love those faces...

My kids couldn't get enough of this little guy.
As for Boston, well...he liked'em much better when they weren't 2 cm from his face.

Michele and I spent our days talking, laughing, joking, crying, and just enjoying each other's company.  And the sight of our kids together.  And eating treats.  And drinking diet cokes.  And Izzes.  And staying up until 2 every night.

We also managed to squeeze in some shopping for my house - which we then decorated.  I love it, paint color and all!  (pictures coming soon).  Couldn't have done it without you Shell : )

Our last (and biggest...and craziest...and stupidest...and worst) project was putting together the kids' new bunk bed.
It only took us 12 hours.
We started at 3:15 pm.
Do the math.

Most of the time we wanted to do this...  
But it turned out pretty well so we celebrated with another Diet Coke 
(#6 of the night?)
(P.S.  Michele is the Drill Master)

We realized just before I took her to the airport that we didn't have a picture of the two of us - at least not one where we had possession of our minds.
This one's not much better though.  We're going on less than 3 hours of sleep.

And last, but not least

"I'm tired..."
"Why do goats have spikes coming out of their heads?"
"...and WHAT is that noise?!?"
"They might not all be psychos."
"Where's Paul?"
"I'm putting a note in here."

(and much much more)

The week was...PERFECT.
Thanks for coming Michele and Boston!!!  We love you and we all miss you already!!!


Randy and Tiffany said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun together! I love that picture of Boston and Noah and Alex all sitting on the couch makes me consider breaking the unwritten rule we have of not living too close to eachother...cuz I want our kids to all grow up around each other. :) Oh ya, and I LOVE the pic of you and Shel at the bottom and I LOVE your curtains in the background of that picture...your house looks so cute! Now it's my turn to come see you guys there in your new home :) Love you and miss you guys! XOXO

Michele and John said...

I'm glad you wrote those quotes. I might add some to mine because I don't want to forget either. It was so much fun and if I didn't have a husband at home missing his baby I might have stayed a little longer. I want to come again, maybe next year and we can tackle a few of those other house projects we talked about. We miss you already and I really had a good time... the BEST time. Totally worth 70,000 skymiles...

JoAnna said...

FUNFUNFUNFUN!! What a blast! How lucky that you can have such fun with your sis! And your house looks GORGEOUS!! Those curtains are A-FREAKING-MAZING!!! Seriously. Whoa!! Love you, woman!

Dad said...

You guys put the bed together??? Please don't let any of my cute little grandkids get on that bed until it has had a safety check :)

See you in about 10 days Sum

Lexie said...

What fun, it was so cute to see Noah & Alex with their cousin. What a blast! I'm so impressed that you guys actually got stuff accomplished with 3 kids there - way to go. I LOVE your drapes. Did you make them or buy them? Can you come here and decorate for me?



montanawildflower said...

k, I love, love, love the curtains in your living room! you'll have to give me the details. I'm so glad you had so much fun with your sister. You look adorable and so do the kids. Miss you! I'll call you soon.

Sarah said...

It looks like you and Michele had so much fun together! I absolutely love the picture of you guys, the bunk bed, drills and diet coke :) You girls are too cute. Also, I LOVE your curtains, wall color and pillows in that darling picture of you and Michele. Your house is darling! I wish I could come see it in person :) Seriously, so cute.

[BrookeO] said...

Oh Fun!
I am jealous. I can't wait to come and see everything.
Have fun with your mom in town!


rachel said...

Sounds like you guys are doing so well. Sorry about the call nights they just stink I know but really it gets better just hang in there. Your house looks so cool. I love the orange in your kitchen.

Carrie Anne said...

oh HOW FUN! love love love it!!!! those are priceless memories! that baby is so cute! i am really anxious to see pics of your house! way to go on getting so much done & i am very impressed that you put that bunk bed together!

gregandlaura said...

Ok - your family room is adorable! Where did you get those drapes!! totally awesome! Looks way cute!

sara said...

I LOVE those curtains! LOVE them!