Friday, August 07, 2009

About 3 months ago

We really DID got to Chicago

Where we met up with our great friends from Cleveland
DJ and Jen

And proceeded to ride our bikes all over the city.

The weather was crap - for some reason it always works out that we're traveling in may, and the weather is always crap - but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time!

Neither did my plantar fasciitis.
Ok, maybe the first night, when it was raining and we went exploring on foot, armed with an umbrella. I barely made it back to the hotel room alive.

But after that we stuck to our bikes
(and a wheelchair for the Art Institute of Chicago)

Which turned out to be the best and most fun way to see the city!
(The bikes, not the wheelchair)

We covered a lot of ground:
Navy Pier
Millenium Park
Hyde Park
Lincoln Park
Buckingham Fountain
The Lakefront
Art Institute
History Museum
The Second City
Greek Town
Old Town

just to name a few...

Some other highlights?
THE FOOD (of course)
good friends
time alone with Paul
and falling asleep to HGTV every night in our hotel room

Seriously one of the best trips we've ever done.

(Minus the part where I almost got hit by a bus while trying to outrun it on my bike. Just picture a pregnant lady on a big heavy orange beach cruiser pedaling her little heart out and the bus driver not seeing or not caring and you've pretty much got the picture)

Thanks for coming Harveys!
It was perfect - and wouldn't have been the same without you : )

P.S. Um yeah, I'm wearing the same thing in every picture, due to the fact that I only packed ONE jacket and ONE pair of jeans. It was supposed to be warm and sunny...


Randy and Tiffany said...

FINALLY a new post! I have been dying to see these chicago pics! Makes me want to go out and explore the city right NOW! Too bad its raining outside today. :(
P.S. I am impressed with Paul's "no-hands" trick on his bike

mandy* said...

I am IN LOVE with your bike!! I'm glad your trip went well. Looks like fun!

Lexie said...

What a blast! It looks like such a fun time and I'm so glad you got to do it all with the Harveys, it must have been so fun to catch up in person.

Faye said...

I am impressed with how much you were able to squeeze into your Chicago trip. I hope to eventually get to all of those places - but it will take a few trips I think. Fun pictures!

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! Your bike is so cute and you look pretty cute on it too :) What a fun way to see Chicago!

montanawildflower said...

LOVED this vaca! Thanks for the flashback. Favorite pic: the musuem elevator. :)