Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Script

Did I forget to mention that temper of mine, whose current status seems to be
A lovely side effect of all those previously mentioned

I assure you, my family is hoping (and praying) that this too, is
just temporary.

Myself included.


carlyl said...

Give it to me girl. You know you have every right to be that way. Funny thing though, my kids would trade you for a mom in a second!!! Really just ask them.

gregandlaura said...

OH summer - I can't even tell you how much I understand! It soon shall pass!!! :)

Jade and Todd said...

Im right there with you! Im laughing, remember when we had dinner at Maddox and Amanda was freaking out thinking she may be pregnant? Well it seems that me and you were the one's pregnant!!

Lezli said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy. . . we feel your pain:)

Aubrie said...

Haha. I'm just the opposite. I think my family wishes I were preggers all the time : )