Monday, September 07, 2009

Only the Biggest and the Best

The Minnesota State Fair

It was crazy crowded
We saw the animals
Did a couple of rides, which the kids loved
And ate fried food to our hearts content: best corn dogs ever, fried cheese curds, fried snickers (I managed that one all by myself than you very much), gyros and greek fries, elk bugers, and malts from the dairy barn.
So. Good.
And so much fun.
It was an all day (exhausting) affair - but we'll be back next year!

As for Rochester, we've got our own fair worth bragging about:
The Mayo Fellows Fair
(for Mayo residents and their families).
And free! (Which the Minnesota State Fair definitely was not.)
It is seriously a blast - Paul had to work but the kids and I loved every minute of it.
Like the pizza, soda, snow cones, cotton candy, huge slide, bounce houses, remote control cars and airplanes, face painting, tattoos, magician, petting zoo, pony ride, wagon ride, and the simulated roller coaster.
I think that covers it.

Ended the summer with a bang.


Randy and Tiffany said...

Looks like a blast! And fun pics! I love the pic of Paul on the slide with Alex! And the pics of the kids getting their faces painted are funny...they both have the most serious looks on their faces :) And the food sounds DELISH! Glad you guys had fun! Miss you!

Faye said...

Great pictures Summer - looks like fun, but that last picture deserves an explanation . . .????

Summer said...

that would be the simulated roller coaster ride - Alex and I did it too, minus the headset : )

Dad said...

Great pic's Sum.....see you soon.

Lexie said...

fun and free? Does it get any better? Both fairs look like so much fun and your listing of the food made me so hungry!

Sarah said...

They both look like so much fun! I think I would like to move to Minnesota :) I also love the picture of Paul and the kids on the slide. I am so impressed you were up to an entire day at the fair! I hope that means that you're feeling better! :)

Michele and John said...

i want to move to rochester. i love the kids faces when they are getting painted, and Noah would get a shark. how cute. and where are the pictures of YOU?