Thursday, September 10, 2009

And My Boy

Today was that monumental day in the life of every mother -
sending her oldest off to the first day of Kindergarten.

[so please excuse the too many pictures and the play-by-play]

This morning, Noah was excited and ready to go
(but only wanted to pose with his lunchbox, not his backpack - seriously he is so excited about that thing, he even helped me pack his snack)

We took Alex to preschool and then came home and parked the van in the garage, so we could walk to school, per Noah's request.
We only live 3 blocks away - but it's all uphill. A BIG hill.
I was dying.
He was loving it.
He stopped and picked me flowers along the way, held my hand, and grinned ear to ear.
(That made-up for the big hill I had to climb)

When we got there we found the spot where his class lines up
He dropped his backpack in line with the others...

And was on the playground in no time.

5 minutes later, the bell rang and Noah came running with all the other kids, lined up and put his backpack back on.
(What, you didn't think I was gonna leave yet did you?)

He's so not into posing for pictures, but I snapped a few anyways, while his teacher talked to the class.

This one's my favorite though - look at that smile : )

And suddenly they were on their way in.
I called goodbye, he smiled and waved, and it was a good thing I was wearing sunglasses.
Because this is when I started to cry.

I cried the three blocks home.
And when I saw my house, I had the strange feeling of not wanting to go inside, because it was empty of both of my kids.

I did go inside.
And cried some more.
And then I worked on some projects around the house.

2 1/2 hours later Alex and I walked up the hill to pick him up.
I brought my camera.
But I was too busy to take a picture.
My boy came running to me with a huge smile and open arms
for a big huge.

It was a good first day.
Love you Noah.


Kori said...

Way to go Noah!! He looks so cool and old in his shades! I love it:}

Randy and Tiffany said...

this post made me want to cry...I'm glad he loved his first day! :) xoxo

[BrookeO] said...

SO cute Sum.

Carrie Anne said...

oh i have loved reading all of the recent posts...i cried when i sent the kids off, too. soon enough you'll have a little baby to keep you busy! i think what is hard is that once they go to school it's like they just grow faster from here on out...they'll only get older, you know? that noah is such a cute kid!

i JUST ordered the BOB Revolution...with the very yellow weather protector.:) thank you for your input/advice...i know i am going to love that BOB. now if only it will arrive THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Lexie said...

I LOVE that Noah wore shades for his first day of school. He is such a cool kid and I'm sure he's going to love kindergarten. I'm glad that Alex decided to like preschool and the backpack that touches her bum. Enjoy your few hours of peace and keep resisting that urge to eat detergent, that is so funny!