Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ordinary Day

We're back from our quick visit to California - lots of fun, more on that later -
(although this picture pretty much sums it up, the whole fam at the beach, doesn't get any better)

- back to our life here in Rochester, MN

Today I...
took Noah to school
picked up Noah from school
fed my kids
cleaned up after my kids
fed my baby
got covered in baby spit-up more times than I can count
took a shower
went for a walk with the kids
yelled at my kids
laughed at my kids
played candy land with my kids
tried to ignore my kids
finished reading The Help (sooo good)

and did a bunch of other mundane tasks you don't care to read about. and I don't care to blog about.

But...did you catch it? 'bout the middle of the list?
Yeah, it's practically springtime here in Minnesota.
Meaning: (some of) the snow is melting, it's raining instead of snowing, and it's in the 30's instead of the -30's.
Last Saturday was sunny and you would have thought it was the middle of summer - people walking their dogs, taking walks, pushing kids in strollers, jogging, biking, practically picnicking. It was about 35 degrees.
Only in Minnesota...I love it.
And I love that I don't even need a coat. This California girl has come a looong way.

And Tonight, when everyone is asleep...I'll be watching Lost. Season 4. I may have watched 3.5 seasons of Lost in less than 3 weeks. Don't worry about it.
Avery loves it.

The End.


Randy and Tiffany said...

The snow is melting here too and yesterday was the fist day I didn't wear a coat when I went out! It was awesome!
Don't let the beautiful weather outside distract you from finishing Lost, though! There are only 10 new episodes left til the 2 hour series finale right now in season 6! If you hurry, maybe you can catch up and watch the finale live like me! Then I will have someone to talk about it with! :)

Faye said...

I am officially boxing up my winter clothes - (why does it seem like I never have a spring wardrobe) - I am enjoying some sunshine and moderate (if not warm) weather. Glad you are too - it's all relative I guess - your "warm" day still sounds chilly to me.

Carrie Anne said...

i think you are so awesome!!!!!!! i'm glad you had a fun trip to california. isn't it amazing what the weather does for us? it's like spring breathes new life into all of us...i just love it! i can see patches of green in our grass & it's making me so excited! welcome home!

Sarah said...

I am so happy you came out here, and that we were able to get together. It was WONDERFUL. Honestly, the most wonderful, I just love you. And I love that you know everything about me, even the really not so great stuff so I can talk about anything and you totally get it. And still love me :) I could have stayed at Cheesecake the entire day, especially if since they're so good at refilling my diet coke. So, when are you guys moving out here?? :)

Miss you!