Saturday, February 20, 2010

in the news

Today my little brother came home.
He has been working hard serving as a missionary for our church in Mexico.
For the last 2 years.
It was 2 years ago today that we all said goodbye to him.

And today, everyone in my family was there to meet him at the airport.
Except me.
Sometimes living so far away, having a husband with zero control over his schedule, and having 3 crazy kids is hard.
But this post, this day, this moment is not about me.
Welcome home Tanner.
We love you and we're proud.
Can't wait to see you next week!

But in the meantime, luckily for me, I've got this cutie in my arms. Her smiles can brighten any kind of day.
Someone told me recently she looks like she came out of a box.
I think that was a compliment?
This picture made me think of all the little baby dolls in boxes, down that aisle in Target that me and Alex are so familiar with.

Yesterday she turned 4 months old.
And she rolled over for the first time.
she's been trying hard for awhile

Noah was so excited about it, watching every movement and cheering her on.
While she was working at it he insisted that once she rolled we would
"call dad immediately"

Have I mentioned lately how much these two love each other?

Lastly, today
a cold snowy husbandless day
we spent 3 1/2 hours at McDonald's playland with good friends.
It was awesome.


Faye said...

We ALL missed you today - but can't wait to see you all next week - thank goodness! Avery is adorable - and new tricks to show us too - yippeeee!!!!

Autumn said...

Ok, I know you were being positive and upbeat. You are better at that than I am. Because this week, all my sister and my parents are together. And I'm not. So I have a sympathetic tear in my eye for you. P.S. I spent a few hours at McDonalds myself this weekend. Joel had Army Reserve training. Again, sympathetic tear in my eye.

Shellie said...

Avery is adorable! I can't believe how big she is already :)

Carrie Anne said...

she does look like one of those dolls! SOOOOO CUTE! i can't believe your brother is already home! that went by soooooo fast! wow!
don't worry that i thought of you today & how many times you've been to the ER b/c chumby chipped his front tooth & i was in panic moment b/c i had no idea what to do! i gained strength knowing you've done the ER a time or thanks!
have a fun reunion next week!!!! so fun!

Sarah said...

Only a few more days!! It is so hard having to miss out when the whole family is together, especially missing Tanner's homecoming. I am so sorry you aren't there with them all. But you will be soon! And I even get to see you too, have I mentioned how happy I am I get to see you? Because I am :) I am wishing you the best flight possible with all your kiddos to make up for missing out, it's only fair!

Avery is ADORABLE!

Catherine Call said...

SO DANG CUTE!! I love reading your blog!

Lexie said...

Wow, I can't believe Tanner is home already. I'm so sorry you had to miss the big day, but I'm glad you get to see him next week. And, I'm glad you had McDonalds to get you through the day!