Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Items of Business

1. Today was Alex's first day of preschool - no nerves, pure excitement.
We painted her fingers and toes the night before in preparation.
The morning of, she picked out her own outfit.

Even put the hair clip in herself. I tried to help and was told, "Mom I can do things myself. I'm not a baby." So sorry. I know.

Also she's in love with her new backpack. The one she and I had a full-blown fight about in the middle of wal-mart.
She won.

Alex and Carter (good friend and car-pool buddy) ready to head in for their first day!

These two are so funny together : )

2. Today was Noah's second day and
he walked himself to school??

I followed in the minivan.
Noah wants to do it on his own so bad - but Paul and I talked about it and just don't feel he's quite ready yet.
Sorry Noah, maybe next year : )

Noah has enjoyed his first couple of days - minus the part where they had to sit and learn the school rules, which Noah said was, "the most boring day of his life."
What surprised me was how badly he wanted to do "hot lunch."
So we agreed he can get it once a week - tomorrow is the big day, Tater Tot Hot Dish, mmmmmmmm.
Hilarious and sad all at the same time is how wiped out he is after school. Both days he has come home, changed right into his sweat pants, and pretty much spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch.
Tonight I was doing dishes and talking to my sister on the phone, Paul was at meetings, and Alex came and told me that Noah was asleep in bed.
I went to investigate and...Noah had put himself to bed at 7:15pm.
Jammies on, in bed under the covers, lights out and fast asleep.
What the??!?
Never done anything like that before in his life.
Poor kid : )

3. On one of the last days of summer Noah co-hosted his first ever Lemonade Stand.
Excited doesn't really begin to explain it.
His friend Keegan asked Noah to do it with him earlier in the week...and Noah talked about it all week. When he got invited to a sleepover on friday night his response was, "I don't know, I've got a lemonade stand to get to." For reals.

The kids had a little help getting set-up from the adults, but then we let them do their thing, just checking in once in awhile.
I snuck these pictures when Alex and I walked up to buy some lemonade.

The kids split the proceeds and he came home with $5 after about an hour.
There may have been some coercion on their part...

4. As for Avery, she's on the move. Growing into the clothes Alex was wearing as a toddler, cruising around all the furniture for awhile now, and...

starting to balance on her own! She sooo wants to take a step but she's not quite there yet.
I know this picture is blurry but doesn't she look so BIG?!?

She's also giving all kinds of attitude, throwing tantrums, and generally making my life difficult...but let's not focus on that.
Her cuteness and snuggles override all that stuff anyway.

5. Wow. Getting the kids to bed at a decent hour, one kid out of the house all day...I am getting a lot more done : )


JoAnna said...

AGGGGG!!!!!!! This is the best post ever! Your kids KILL me!! Everything! Alex's outfit, Noah walking to school... with you following behind! LOL!!!! (We are having the same debate right now, btw.) Noah putting himself to bed! AVERY!!! She is so dang stinking cute I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn Hanson said...

Noah is so funny. I love that you followed in the minivan. Classic!

mnjacksons said...

Love the lemonade stand! so fun. what cute family you have

Faye said...

That was LOL material! I love all their kid opinions (what clothes, backpack, lunch, etc) and kid adventures (lemonade stands, walking alone to school). It's all priceless. Noah putting himself to bed - that's really something!

Steph & Wade said...

This post made me miss you guys even more than I already was, which is a lot! But at least I laughed while missing you!

Brooke said...

Summer, I am sitting at my desk laughing out loud at this post. Your kids are a crack-up. Crack-up! The 7:15 self imposed bedtime had me in a fit. I love it. So cute. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! Glad you are all doing great!

Tiffany said...

How come when we were talking on the phone last night you didn't tell me about the Noah-walking-himself-to-school part? Lol, that is hilarious!!! And funny that you had to follow him in the mini-van! How far is his school from your house?
Love Alex's first day of school outfit, backpack, and self-placed hair clip :)
and I cannot believe how big Avery is getting!!!! Makes me so excited to see her at thanksgiving! She will probably be walking by then! i can't even picture that!
Cute pics of all the kids, love the lemonade stand and the comment about missing the sleepover the night before, lol.
miss you guys!

Sarah said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I love you and I love your kids. I love Alex, and I love that you fought over her backpack - we do that almost every year. Why do I care? I don't know. I love Noah loving the lemonade stand so much, he is adorable. I would be following Anna in the van as well. They are still so little! But I'm pretty sure I walked to school by myself in kindergarten... but most of the kids did then. I don't think anyone does that any more.... or do I just think that because I'm an overprotective mother? ;)

I'm definitely getting more things done with kids in school too! I miss them... but there is a benefit for sure!

Lexie said...

I love how cute all your kids are. I'm glad that Noah smiled for you on the first day of school and that he wants to walk to school by himself and that you don't follow. I love Alex's fashion sense and Avery just looks so kissable. I am jealous that Noah puts himself to bed, neitheri of my girls do that after all day school! Give them all a hug from us!

healthandjoy said...

It's always a joy to read your blog. I so love
that you let Alex pick out her own outfit and
fix her own hair! Adorable kids, great parents!

Shellie said...

This whole thing is hilarious! Your kids are SO cute!

robyne said...

Great post! You and Paul are great parents and I can see that Alex has the same little girl fashion sense that her mommy had at that age, Noah has the same determination as his mommy did/does, and Avery is just as lovable as her mommy was/is!!

Lezli said...

Know what I love the most?. . . .That these adorable kids are my grandkids and that they have such great parents!! Somebody just try to wipe this big smile off my face:) XOX