Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's kind of a big deal

I couldn't relax last night - I just kept thinking about what tomorrow would bring,
half-nervous half-excited.
I was the only one who seemed phased by it.
But this morning, as Noah was getting ready he kept giggling and telling me he felt "kinda weird and tingley." I explained to him that was called having butterflies in your stomach. He smiled at me and said, "It feels more like caterpillars."

Although Noah thoroughly enjoyed Kindergarten he hasn't been thrilled at the idea of going to school for 6 1/2 hours.
This morning he told me he was excited : )

He must have been, because as we were walking out the door I asked if I could take his picture -and he smiled and said yes.

I was glad to see most of the other moms out there with their kids on the first day of school - cuz I wanted to be there too.
We found his class line, he recognized a few friends, and smiled sweetly for the camera.

(Too bad the woman who took this picture doesn't know how to take a picture, but whatever)

That's Noah's teacher Mrs. Hansen, at the front of the line on the right.

The bell rang and he was walking through the doors, not to be seen by me again until 3:35pm.
And all the things I forgot to remind him of ran through my head and I had a little moment of panic.

And I surprised even myself by breaking down and crying.
Am I going to do this every year??

I hope you have a great year of 1st Grade Noah!
Love you.
Me and your sisters miss you : )


sarah said...

Very cute pictures, even if that one is blurry. Maybe this will start a new trend? BTW, I cried when Kayleigh went in too!

Shellie said...

Oh my goodness, Noah looks so grown up! He smiled for the camera and let you take pictures! That is one for the record books, right??!!! I'm glad it was a good day :)

Faye said...

This is another milestone. I am excited for both of you! He looks so cute headed off to school :)
Can't wait to hear all about 1st grade from him in 2 weeks.

Tiffany said...

As a kindergarten teacher, I was always a little annoyed at the crying moms who followed their kids to the classroom door...but now that I am a mom and I picture Madden walking through those classroom doors to leave me all-day-long, it makes me tear up. Crap. I'm gonna be one of those moms.
Good luck to Noah! I'm sure he will do great! I'll call you tomorrow to catch up some more and see how you are coping ;)

John said...

Cant wait to see the big first grader next week.

Sarah said...

Noah is so cute! He looks so big and grown up yet little at the same time walking through those big first grade doors. I can not believe that our kids are old enough to go to big kid school. I am sure Noah did great!

Telitha said...

Not that Noah would want to hear this, but he looks so cute in those pictures! I love Avery in Alex's dress, adorable!

Michele said...

this post totally made me cry. probably because of the conversation we had yesterday, I'm a little emotional about motherhood these days. he looks so sweet in these pictures, like such a good boy ready for school. you are a good mom.

gregandlaura said...

I am so scared for this day! noah is so adorable and grown up!!

Autumn said...

Hate to say it. You are going to cry every year. It seems to be getting worse for me instead of better. It is a big deal.

robyne said...

okay I am weird, I did not cry when Nicole went to school....but I cried when she went to the first birthday party without me....strange huh. I do admit I cried saying goodbye to her at the airport as she left for London! Yep she is 20, I guess it was a delayed reaction!