Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Baby

So I've noticed that people are surprised when they hear us refer to Avery as "the baby".

Yeah, she's close to 2. And she does lots of big girl things.
Like sleep in a big bed. Drink out of regular cups (I hate this).
And as of last night...does NOT have a binky. Because she's lost them all, I'm sick of searching for them and I'm not buying anymore because she's old enough to go without.

Avery is not too happy about the situation. This was her self-talk when I put her to bed without a binky for the first time last night:

"Binky. Binky. Find it. All gone. Binky all gone. Find it! No, binky all gone. Owie! Owie my mouth! Binky! No binky. Binky all gone. I fine. I fine. Scary! Scary! Scary! No. No, not scary. Nice. You fine. You fine. Nice. I sleeping. Binky!"

Repeat for....oh, about 25 minutes. Interspersed with some crying and thrashing around in bed. Followed by a loooong and loud scream it out session.

The baby is kinda crazy.

Wouldn't take her nap today, but bedtime was a little smoother tonight.

Next stop...potty training.
Don't worry, we'll still be calling her "the baby"


Tiffany said...

I laughed out loud at her self-convo. :) That is hilarious! I'm glad Madden never took a binky. Let me know when you potty train if you have any tips and tricks...I keep saying I'm gonna start it with Madden but then I keep putting it off cuz I'm dreading it!
btw, I LOVE this picture of avery and paul!!!! Love it!

Michele said...

"I fine I fine" is still the absolute funniest thing I have ever heard a toddler say. But don't worry, Naomi is almost potty trained, talks like a 16 yr old, is almost 3 and we still call her "the baby". We have tried to stop, but we can't. My guess is that this new baby will come and we will call her something different, because Naomi is "the baby".

Sarah said...

Blaine is our baby too. I think he'd have an identity crisis if we stopped calling him that.

I love her little conversation to herself, she is adorable!

SKIPR said...

oh my gosh. SO FUNNY! love the baby:)

[BrookeO] said...

I love your kids.

John said...

Cute post about your "baby" looking forward to spending some time with your "man" this weekend.

Shellie said...

I laugh so hard EVERY time I read your posts. LOVE IT! Miss ya already :)