Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 weeks in

So the kids started school.
I love my kids, and summer time is fun but I was ready.
And the truth is, so were they.

Noah, our super cool second grader, pretends he doesn't like school.
But he couldn't wait to meet his teacher, buy school supplies, etc etc.

His first day of school I was bursting with excitement (not just for me, I promise) and when I asked him for the 57th time, "Noah are you so excited?!" he responded with, "Mom. School is not fun for me. When are you going to get that?"
My kids are so awesome.

Alex started Kindergarten 2 loooong days later.
She was ready and excited.
And maybe a tad bit nervous.

She got Mrs V.
Same teacher Noah had and pretty much the best in the world.
She's also got her best buddy Carter in her class - never mind that the teacher has already had to separate the two of them to get them to stop talking and pay attention.

Alex's first day was a little rough on Avery.

Eventually I had to pry her off kicking and screaming for Alex.
It was sweet. And sad.
(10 minutes later it was just kind of annoying.)

Good thing Kindergarten is only half day!

This year the first week of school was a little crazier than usual as we were staying at our friends house taking care of their 5 kids.
(and just to clarify, when I say "we" I mean "me" and my 3 kids.)
Luckily, they're great kids.
Still, I was not meant for 8 kids. Or cooking for 10.
We had an exhausting good time though : )
My kids were outside doing this every morning before school...


What else?
The girls are inseparable lately. It's fun.
Alex still likes to change her outfit several times a day and now Avery does it too, but she wears Alex's clothes.
She ends up looking kind of like a clown. But a cute one.

Alex is getting tall, grown up looking, and more and more independent.
She even got herself a bowl of cereal the other day.
Except Paul and I couldn't stop laughing because she used a gigantic serving bowl (and about half a box of cereal and a gallon of milk).
The picture doesn't do it justice.

Avery will be 2 next month. Which is just plain crazy.
And crazy is what she makes me. The terrible twos are pretty bad in our house, and I think I'm getting less patient. When I can't take it anymore Noah and Alex come to the rescue. It's funny how the things that drive adults crazy don't seem to bother the kids at all. And they cannot stand it when I have to discipline Avery. This is how youngest children get spoiled.
Oh this girl...

I go back and forth all day between wanting her to stay my super cute, sweet, cuddly, funny little girl - and wanting her to grow up a little (but just a little) and quit being so naughty, clumsy, dangerous, and maddeningly irrational before my brain explodes.

In conclusion:
School is great. Kids are doing well. I get to go to the gym every day. We are busy. I love fall but I'm scared to death for winter.


Carolyn Hanson said...

Great post! Such a fun time of year.
Btw, those pics of Alex toting Avery along with her giant bag of school supplies is priceless! So sweet!
And yea, I think I'm afraid of winter too. At least it's your last!!!!

SKIPR said...

Haha. Love it! :)

Tiffany said...

Those pictures of Avery hugging Alex on her first day of school are the sweetest thing ever! Can't believe how grown up Avery is looking even since I just saw her a few months ago! I'm excited for fall too...especially since it just means its getting closer to THANKSGIVING IN ROCHESTER! WOO HOO FOR DRINKING MARTINELLIS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOTTLE!

Elise said...

Just ONE more sister : )

Michele said...

I have a feeling avery and naomi were tight in the pre existence and planned on how they could wreak havoc on their mothers lives. good luck, if avery is anything like naomi - it is not getting better at all in the near future. i love the pics of ave hanging on to alex though, at least they have their sweet sides : )

Faye said...

Alex and the cereal bowl is hilarious! Of course I love the pics of the first day of school too. Brings back memories :)

Sarah said...

Avery hugging Alex is so cute. I love that she changes like Alex and into her clothes, too. How lucky are they to have each other? :) I hear you on the terrible twos, Blaine is driving me nuts... but after Katie, he doesn't seem quite so bad. That girl was/is so crazy! ;) Good luck with Avery! haha

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Awww, I can't get over that first picture of Avery frowning in the stroller. Too cute! I love Noah's comment too, and Alex looks adorable all ready for school. What can I say Summer? Your kids are dang cute.

Carrie Anne said...

i am scared of winter, too! ah! it's really cold today & it is making me nervous about winter...i am not ready at all!!!