Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Scripture and a Prize

Last Sunday Noah said the scripture in primary...for the first time!  This was not the first attempt, but the first successful delivery - by Noah anyways.  (He was asked to give the scripture about a year ago but mommy ended up having to give the scripture while Noah hid behind the podium and repeatedly shoved the microphone into my face).  This time around Noah was ready.  He did a great job, and I was so proud.  Noah was so proud too, it was really cute : )  We practiced every night for a week and we told him if he did it I'd take him to Target on monday to pick out a prize.  When he saw this tub of dinosaurs on the shelf he dropped all the other toys he was holding/considering and was ready to checkout.  He's been playing with them ever since.  


Carrie Anne said...

What a good boy! Isn't it amazing how well bribery works and how often we have to use it?:)

B-Hams said...

Summer, Noah is such a sweet boy he is always so helpful in primary! We will miss him. So I have to give a sharing time lesson on Sunday and was wondering if you will take me to Nordstrom on monday to pick out a prize.... Please? j/k

Jade and Todd said...

Instead of being scared, Porter decides to laugh and snort and make funny faces.