Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yes, we are alive
Yes, I LOVE Rochester


Yes, we bought a house!!!

more updates (and hopefully some pics) coming soon

P.S.  Yes, I seriously spent hours yesterday catching up on everyone's blogs.  By that time my kids were in desperate need of attention and I obviously didn't get a chance to leave comments.  So here is a mass comment to all of you:  Thanks for blogging, love and miss you all!!!


aShLeY said...

Hey! It was so fun to chat with ya at church! Maybe your computer did not download my full template. I have black paper for my outerwrapper with white type so it should have been super easy to see! Sorry! Can't wait to see pics of the new house!

collette crew said...

too exciting. can't wait to see pictures! I will look forward to seeing them!

Sarah said...

Yay you're back, yay that you love Rochester and yay for your new house!!!! I am so happy for you!! :)