Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Morning Routine

Right now I'd have to say the worst part of my day is taking a shower.  I dread it.  I admit I take long showers.  Right now I average about 15 minutes.  I really don't know how to cut it down anymore than that.  But is 15 minutes of peace really too much to ask from a 2 and 4 year old?!? Every morning when I'm in the shower I hear banging, slamming, running, screaming, crying, yelling, and fighting and it usually ends with one or both of the kids banging on the bathroom door sobbing for me to come out.  We talk about this every morning before I get in, but usually to no avail.  Yesterday this is what I heard from the shower:

Noah: Alex you ATTACKED me! (crying)
Alex: (laughing)
Noah: Do you want a piece of me?!?
Alex: NO!  I don't want a piece!!!
[insert the banging slamming running screaming crying yelling and fighting previously mentioned]

And Paul wonders why I don't shave my legs more often?!?!

I swear my kids don't hate each other.  They can be really sweet to each other...like on sunday after sacrament meeting when, as Noah and Alex were about to go their separate ways for primary and nursery, Alex walked up to Noah, looked up into his face and said, "I love you Noah."  Noah looked down at her, gave her a big hug and said, "I love you too Alex."  

I also swear that Paul and I have NEVER said the words "do you want a piece of me."  Ever.   

So...what's your morning routine? 



Carrie Anne said...

Our morning routine is a LOT of yelling and threats...especially when Rebecca chooses an outfit that is HORRIBLE! I'm such a nice Mommy, NOT! You do great...yes, you deserve the 15 minutes of peace, so don't shorten it AT ALL!:) The kids will survive, and at least by the time you do get out, if there's an emergency, you'll still have time to take care of it.:) Love it!

Jade and Todd said...

I always think Ill shower before the kids wake up....yeah right, I sleep as long as I can! My morning, is seriously, VERY much like yours, I have a 4 and 2 year old who LOVE to kick, lay on, jump on, and hit eachother....Mine do love eachother every now and then.

Mike & Lynds said...

Summer! This is Lyndsi (Paul's Cousin...Brooke's Sister, etc.) I have to tell you, I always look at your blog through Brooke's and I ALWAYS laugh out loud! (literally) Your kids are so darling and you're such a cute mom! Keep on posting the funny stuff :)

robyne said...

This is a crack up! I wish I could tell you it gets better, but my girls still argue in the mornings....it's just not as funny as it used to be when they said cute things to eachother!
Sorry about the car...any luck yet in finding it?
Keep up the great posts!
Love You!

Sarah said...

I love this. I love it because my children are the exact same way when I take a shower. It's nice to know it's just as hard for other people! :) Also, I can't believe that your shower is only 15 minutes, that's impressive from you, Summer! :)

Randy and Tiffany said...

You know how your kids are always picking up the words to the songs you listen to, like Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry?" I think Noah learned "Do you want a piece of me?" from the Britney Spears song of the same title...just admit it, Summer. You let your kids listen to Britney Spears.

Melissa said...

I'm with ya there on the 15 minute shower thing. My husband always gives me a hard time about my long showers. But I always tell him: Its not like I'm slackin' in there, I'm busy from the time I step in to the time I step out! Shaving, not included. And yes, my kids are pounding on the door and crying most days too so don't feel bad.

Melissa said...

About the Brittney Spears song, after my daughter was listening to that song she said "Why does that girl want a piece of meat?"