Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Conversations with Dad...and about Dad

Noah has become quite the phone-talker these days.  He gets upset if I answer it - but good luck getting him to hand it over!  He talks the ear off of whoever is on the other end of the line.  This is good if it's grandma calling...other people, not so much.

 A few months ago Noah refused to talk on the phone to anyone, for any reason, at any time.  So this is good for Paul (considering how often he is gone).     
The amount of talking Noah does is not so good for Paul (who usually calls home to check in and say hi with the spare 90 seconds he has managed to squeeze in somewhere between patients and pages at the hospital)
I caught Noah during a "goodnight" phone call from Daddy, who was on call.  The part I heard went something like this "...and then mom put me in time-out for 2 hours.  So, daddy, how was your day?"
P.S.  This is Noah's favorite spot in the house - leaning over the couch in the living room watching out the front window.  He tells me about all the cars that drive by (he really wants a convertible, a morotcycle, or an SUV - sorry buddy not gonna happen), he talks about our nice neighbor, Patty,  across the street and narrates all the things he imagines she's doing, and lately the kids love to pretend they've just seen daddy come home.  

Speaking of daddy coming home...anytime Alex asks for her daddy and he's not home she gets sad and insists that we sing, "I'm so glad when daddy comes home."  It's the only thing that cheers her up.  We're probably averaging about 3-5 times a day right now.
Alex was asking for her dad in the car the other day and this is how my conversation with the kids went:

Alex - I want Daddy
Mommy - Daddy's at work.  But he's going to try REALLY REALLY hard to get home and see you before you go to bed.  He really wants to
Noah - But sometimes he can't.  Huh, mom?
Mommy - Yeah that's right, sometimes he can't
Noah - Why?
Mommy - Because daddy is a doctor, and there are really sick people at the hospital who need daddy to take care of them
Noah - Mom, guess what?  When I'm a grown-up I'm going to be a doctor
Mommy - That's a good idea
Noah - Then I will be with daddy.  When I'm a grown-up.

(it made me want to cry but it was so sweet at the same time)

P.P.S.  Most of this happened last week, when Paul was in the MICU...That was a rough week.  He's working in the ER for the next 2 weeks and it hasn't been as bad - don't want to make things seem worse than they actually are : )



Faye said...

I loved seeing Noah in his shark pajamas. I look forward to having him talk my ear off on the phone.

Kristin said...

Our first year of residency, my two year old at the time thought Daddy lived at the hospital, we would drive by St. Mary's and he would say, "Look Mama, thats where Daddy lives." It was very disturbing to me, and too a long time to convice the boy otherwise.

Jeppson said...

Oh Summer! Stories like this make me grateful that Samuel is still too small to realize his daddy is never home. I fear the day he starts to figure it out! Right now he's just some really fun guy that is around sometimes :) Hang in there!

Randy and Tiffany said...

Ok, I just got tears in my eyes when I read that...that is really sweet that Noah said that :) And I love the story about his conversation on the phone with Paul that you overheard...that is hilarious, lol! :) Miss you guys!! Next time Noah wants to talk on the phone to someone have him call his Aunt Tippy! :)

Carrie Anne said...

so cute! my kids are really into the phone these days, must be a developmental stage.:)
i'm glad you are surviving paul's residency...i know it can be challenging at times...i know you are doing super great...hang in there!:)

Lexie said...

Summer, I love that you remember and blog real conversations, it is awesome. We'll have to call Noah, Lydia is suddenly liking the phone as well, that could be one funny conversation!

Sorry Paul's schedule is so bad, I hope ER really is better for you guys. Personally, I think July is just a tough month in the life of residents. August will hopefully be better, at least that's what I tell myself! We miss you guys & are glad you're doing so well!

gregandlaura said...

oh my gosh - how sweet!! That makes me cry. Intern year is awful - hang in there!

Sarah said...

You are a trooper! That is so sweet about Noah... and kind of funny that he'll talk anyone's ear off on the phone :) Anna has started liking to talk on the phone more these days, but only on her terms. And of course that is never when grandma actually happens to be on the phone. Those pictures of him are so cute and how awesome that he has such a beautiful yard to look out on!

Anna said...

I love all the stories you tell about your kids. That's the real purpose of blogging, isn't it? Way to be positive about your experience with residency right now. It's amazing how you can just adapt to whatever you have to. Someday you'll have plenty of great stories to tell about these years. Congratulations on getting the wallpaper down by the way! That's so exciting.