Sunday, July 06, 2008

Life beyond potty-training

Last week we manged to...

 Take a much needed outing for FHE at a beautiful park.
The kids played in the sand,

played ball with dad,

and pretty much ran wild.

We spent one morning at the Nature Center with some friends.
We "hiked' to the park
got plenty of sun, and had a picnic lunch.
Noah and Adelyn have so much fun together.

Then, yesterday we went strawberry picking.

Noah was so proud of all the berries he picked (even though he wont eat them)
Alex didn't have much to show for herself except a full tummy
and a messy face.
Noah worked up a sweat and insisted on riding home with no shirt on.

So yes, there is life beyond the first few days of potty-training - not accident-free life, but life nonetheless.


[BrookeO] said...

I so want to go next time!
So...have you whipped up some jam with all those berries yet?!

Lexie said...

It all looks so fun, way to go! We put Kastyn in panties on the 4th and we've only made it to a few stores, swimming lessons, & church. I like that you spiced it up a little bit!