Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost Forgot

Noah wants one of these.'s a Hedgehog.

A Hedgehog.

You know, the animal covered with spikes?
He wants one.
For a pet.

Just the idea of a pet, any pet, makes me laugh.
And he asks for a hedgehog.

Which is why this post belongs with my previous post, titled "For Laughs."

Paul and I haven't been able to stop laughing.

Because we are so not getting a hedgehog.
(Or any kind of pet, for that matter - we're holding out for as long as we can.  Maybe we'll get lucky and never have one.)

It all started last week, when Noah checked out a magazine about Hedgehogs at the library.  I didn't think anything of it - he always checks out the animal magazines.  (This is the kid whose favorite show is anything on the Discovery Channel.)

One night, as we were reading the magazine before bed he told me that his friend had recently brought his pet hedgehog to show-and-tell at preschool.
Well, Noah sometimes thinks it's funny to tell crazy stories and see if he can trick us.  So I started laughing and told him I didn't believe him.
Noah promptly burst into tears.
He sobbed on and on about how it was true, Michael really had brought his pet hedgehog to school.

So Paul did a little googling.  I mean is it even legal to have a pet hedgehog?
Turns out it is.

And Noah wants one.

He asks (ahem, begs) us pretty much every night.

And for all of our excuses, Noah has a solution.
(He's getting to smart for us.)

Us - what about when we go on trips to see Grandma?
Noah - we can take it with us

Us - it can't go on the plane
Noah - so we'll take a roadtrip

Us - I don't want it crawling around the car
Noah - I'll make a special box for it

and so on and so on...

I knew the day would come when our kids started asking for a pet.
I just never thought it would be a hedgehog.


Missy said...

Hey Summer. (It's your cousin Missy!) I found your blog from Michele's. How are you guys? I heard you're living in Minnesota. Is your husband at the Mayo Clinic? A family in our ward just got accepted there for residency...send me your email when you have a second!
By the way, your kids are so cute...and very funny! I don't think a hedgehog would be that bad for a pet!!!

JoAnna said...

A hedgehog!!!! I'm dying!
Just tell him when he's old enough to buy the pet, clean the cag and feed it ALL BY HIMSELF, he can have a hedgehog. ;)

Lezli said...

Maybe you could get him A BIG iguana instead with a cage that takes up half of his room and stinks(like his dad had). . .Oh the joy!!

Faye said...

Wow - very unique. And I thought we had covered that department by you kids having a pet goat. I thought we would never do pets either but somehow we ended up with fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, bunnies, a bird and two goats - I'm dying to see what your list ends up looking like with these requests from Noah.

Dad said...

Im going to buy Noah a hedgehog when you are here visiting next month...I want to see you deal with it when he wants to take it home. In fact, Im going to buy a daddy and a mommy hedgehog and explain to Noah that soon he could have a whole family of hedgehogs. Im going to do this because you guys let your pet goat die.

B & W Neibaur said...

You may want to think about a hedgehog...way better than a dog! At least it isn't Paul asking for one!

Randy and Tiffany said...

lol, why does it make me laugh out loud that Noah wants a pet hedgehog? that is hilarious!

Sarah said...

Hahahaha! A hedgehog? That is so funny! And so gross... it's just a huge pokey rodent in my eyes. Ewwww! Our poor kids just get told that we are not a family that has pets. We just don't do that. Having the class guinea pig for a weekend was more than enough for me! I didn't even let the girls take it out of its cage or anything, I am so mean!

PS - your dads comment had me laughing so hard. I remember stories about those goats!

Carrie Anne said...

hahahahahha! that is so funny! where do these kids come up with these things?:) maybe you could get a fish...but would it die in that cold weather?

Shellie said...

He can borrow Buddy anytime...not a hedgehog, but might satisfy him for a minute?!

Chris and Lisa said...

Don't give in Summer! Animals in cages STINK! We learned that a little too late after we bought Annie's guinea pig. Life has been much easier since the kids' pets both died.

Lexie said...

If Noah wants a hedgehog we can get him one. I swear I've seen them by the side of the road. I love your Dad's comment and can't wait to see your hedgehog family!