Friday, February 20, 2009

For Laughs

On Valentine's Day, as I was getting ready for my date with Paul, I asked the kids what I should wear.  They ransacked my closet for something red and came out empty-handed.  Then Noah got a brilliant idea.

"I know mom!  You could wear your red swimsuit!"

Yeah.  Me walking around my house in the middle of winter in my red bikini (that does not look as good on me as it once did).
Paul would have been in for quite the Valentine's Day surprise.

Paul's birthday is next weekend.  Same day as Alex's.  Paul is on call though, which pretty much wipes out the three days surrounding his birthday.  So we're celebrating early this year.  But I digress...

Alex is turning 3.  (what???)
Paul is turning 30.  (what???)

As we were discussing this last night Noah chimed in with this cheerful thought:
"Old is here, Dad."
Which I think was pretty clear to him when he came home from his basketball game last night, injured yet again.
Still love ya hon : )


Michele and John said...

john comes home injured at least one of his two basketball nights a week. and come to think of it, he is turning thirty this year also... weird! they are old!

sarah said...

If 50 is the new 40, is 30 the new 20? I have ankle braces for Adam if he needs to borrow them. Adam has been hurt so many times, he doesn't play anymore.

Sarah said...

Oh, poor Paul. Getting old is no fun! I am still in shock that 28 is only a few weeks away for me. When did that happen??? Noah is totally right. Old is here :)

Sarah said...

Summer, I've been meaning to ask you if you made your drapes that I love... did you? Our house is like a cave with hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, I can't believe how loud my children are!! I am in serious need of some rugs and drapes! If you didn't make them, where did you find such cute drapes?

Melissa said...

Don't complian to me. I gave you something red, which you gave away!

Lexie said...

I say go with Noah's idea, Paul probably would have preferred the red swim suit!