Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easter Happened

About a month ago.
That's pretty much all I can say for Easter 2009.

And the past several months in general.
Things just "happen" to us.
Usually while Paul is at work and I'm laying on the couch dry-heaving.

Easter morning the kids woke bright and early.
Paul was long gone.
And so the indoor easter egg hunt began at 6:05am.
I laid on the couch and (you guessed it) dry-heaved.

At least I managed to take some pictures, right?
That's about all I managed.

Alex is wearing the Easter dress received the day before in a package from Grandma Gunn.
Yeah, she slept in it.
And the hair is just lovely, I know.

But the kids enjoyed themselves, all the same.

10 minutes later, the hunt was over.
I sent the kids downstairs to the tv with bucketfuls of candy.
And I went back to bed.

I was too sick to make it to church that day, but I didn't want the kids to forget what Easter is really all about.
So I planned a little Easter lesson for them - which left them both in tears.
I swear I didn't say anything scary, graphic, or traumatic.  I always keep it simple.  You know, because Jesus was resurrected we will all be resurrected too, and live together forever in heaven.  That kind of thing.  But it doesn't seem to matter.  Noah always starts crying about how he doesn't want to die and how he never wants to go to Heaven.  This time it was because he wouldn't be able to take "sharky" with him (his stuffed shark that he sleeps with).  And of course Noah's tears get Alex going too.
So I wrapped it up quickly, and ended with some stories from The Friend.

Oh Boy.

earlier in the week we attended an awesome Easter Party, thrown by my amazing friends, whom I do not deserve.

The party included:
bazillions of kids
fun games
sugar cookie decorating
face painting
cute craft
an easter egg hunt

Thanks again Girls!!!
(you made our Easter)

Happy Easter!


Dad said...

Unbelievable how much older Noah and Alex look...I need to see them.

Randy and Tiffany said...

I love Alex's hair Easter morning...I'm guessing that's about what your hair looked like as you were dry-heaving on the couch. Maybe Alex just wanted to look like her Mommy that day...?
Just kidding, sister! :) Love you!