Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Weekend

Ours looked like this.
I loved it.

It's called Hoar Frost and it's amazingly beautiful.
Which is obvious despite my lack of photography skills.

The kids love the icicles reaching down from the roof of our house -

reaching down so far they can touch them.
(and break them off and eat them.)

And who knew a few serving spoons from the kitchen drawer could be so much fun in all that powder?

(yes, Noah is purposely hiding his face in both pictures.)

Who says Rochester, MN isn't a cool place to live???
Just ask Noah, who recently said,
"How. could you not. love winter?!?!"

It was a weekend full of celebrating.
Friday night - Valentine's Party with great friends, great food, and lots of laughs (sans kids)
Saturday (Valentine's Day at our house this year) - Paul worked all day, I celebrated with the kids, we made Paul his favorite cake. Paul got home, we put the kids to bed, got some take out and watched a movie. Lovely.
Sunday - celebrated Chinese New Years with several other families. Lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of laughs, and more chinese food than we could eat.

There's lots of love in my life.
And a lot to love.
The End.


Randy and Tiffany said...

those pictures are so pretty! I cannot believe the size of those icicles!
Love you and love the fact that we are going to see each other so soon!!! :)

Carrie Anne said...

that is really pretty...all that snow & ice! it looks like you live in a decent enough place that at least the kids can play in the snow for like 5 minutes before freezing to death!:)
what a fun weekend! i love it!

Sarah said...

That frost is beautiful!! It makes me miss the snow... a little bit. I think if it could snow and not be too cold from just after Thanksgiving to the end of January and then turn into spring it would be perfect. Speaking of perfect it was 70 degrees today, I think you're going to like it! :)

Elise said...

sam says the same thing. but today he is singing a different tune. he woke up whining that we weren't still in san diego... and that we don't have beaches. welcome to the tundra kid : D

John said...

Come to warm Ca.....it might rain a little, but no icicles.