Friday, February 05, 2010

worth it

Why is it that after a GNO that lasted past 2am I look like this
and Avery still looks cute as can be?

Oh yeah, she was there - for a combination of reasons: nursing, no guaranteed sleep schedule, and a husband who gets up for work at 4:30am to name a few.
She's a party girl.
Probably wasn't the best time to start sleep-training her though...?

And today, while Avery catches up on sleep, I'm pounding Diet Coke and Tylenol.

a much needed (although only temporary) cure for the winter blues.
(the GNO, not the DC and Tylenol, though that's not bad either...)

really though, can't remember the last time I laughed that much and that hard
oh yeah, at our last GNO.
have I mentioned lately I have the coolest friends ever?

Thanks for having a birthday Jess!
Love you to death
(and all the rest of ya too!)


Elise said...

Seriously had to HOLD my eyelids open this morning... SO WORTH IT!!!

JoAnna said...

Why are they just so much fun?!? In spite of feeling so tired, I feel like a new woman!!

Randy and Tiffany said...

you do have the coolest friends. im a little jealous...

Randy and Tiffany said...

...and why whenever I read your GNO abbreviation, instead of saying in my head what it stands for, I read it in my head "gyno"?? Im pretty sure a gyno wasn't the cure to your winter blues though... lol ;)

Melissa said...

what? you look cute in this picture! The Diet Coke must have just been kickin' in.

Carrie Anne said...

so i have NOT had a GNO but i have been pounding down the diet dew b/c i have been up late too many nights b/c husband is outta town. i wish i had some great girlfriends to do a GNO with & stay up until 2 am with! how fun is that!!! lucky! and avery is ADORABLE...i mean so incredibly cute & the thing is she is only going to get cuter!!!

Lexie said...

I think you look darling after your GNO - sounds like a great bunch of ladies to hang out with. Give Avery a squeeze for me!

Sarah said...

Definitely worth it! :) It sounds like you have some absolutely wonderful friends, it's got to help with the winter blues a little :) We went and saw "When in Rome" this weekend for a girl's night and out for Cheesecake and I was surprised how much I needed it. How would we ever survive without GNOs? (and thanks Michelle, now I'm reading that gyno! haha Also, Josh Duhamel was SO HOT in When in Rome. Seriously. HOT.

Sarah said...

Sorry, I meant Tiffany!