Monday, May 10, 2010

Bet your Mother's Day wasn't as good as mine

I mean, how can you top this?
(do you see it?)

Here's a closer look for you.
For about a nanosecond I wondered if it was Paul - he did leave church early with the baby...
Then I read the note.
A dead giveaway Fowlers!
Paul and I died laughing.
And the kids loved it. Couldn't stop making jokes about it.
(Noah's were pretty funny)

Ok, here's what I really got for Mother's day.

Not to mention sleeping in until 8:30, waking up to cards and signs from Paul and the kids, a delicious dinner made by Paul, a nice family drive that afternoon.
And that chocolate cake (from my favorite bakery) was delish.
The best part? Paul was on call - and DID NOT get called in.
It was a good day.

Alright, I really hate pictures of just me but someday the kids might want them??
(Yeah Paul never makes me feel silly for taking them or anything)
Mm-hmmm, I'm wearing sweats on Mother's Day. Don't you?

And I never get pictures of me with the kids. This was no easy shot but I told them "that's what I want for Mother's Day." Pretty sure I used that line a lot yesterday...
And with those three how could it not be a perfect Mother's Day?
Love these kids, so glad to be their mom
(even if they make me kinda crazy)
I'm Lucky : )

And we LOVE our moms and grandmas!
Like I said, Lucky.
Happy Mother's Day

p.s. Noah took care of his end of Mother's Day all on his own.
Cards, signs, a homemade gift.
He's so grown up.


Randy and Tiffany said...

LOL, you didn't tell me about that gift from your friends when I talked to you on the phone earlier today about your mothers day! That is hilarious!
Glad you had a wonderful mothers day and Paul got you a delicious cake without making faces, rolling eyes, or gagging at the thought of dessert ;)
Happy Mothers day! xoxo

Faye said...

It's fun to have clever and funny friends - glad you had a great day and you got some Mother's Day photos. That was on my wish list too - but then Monday morning I realized I never got around to making that happen - I'm sure the boys think they are MUCH too old for that anyway. Glad your Mother's Day was great - so was mine!

Lezli said...

Oh you are such a wonderful mom. . . .so happy you had a great day:) XOXO

Sarah said...

That toilet is awesome! What are you going to do with it??

Glad you had such a great mother's day!

Melissa said...

Good to hear your Mother's Day wasn't a complete flush.

Lexie said...

That toilet bowl is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! I would have died laughing. What a great Mother's Day. I love that you used the "what I would like for Mother's Day" line too. i tried it too, but I think I aimed too high, I said I wanted them to get along. Hmm....Glad yours worked out and was a wonderful day!