Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just the Beginning

Mother's Day (possibly my most favorite day of the year) has come and gone.
But we're just getting started around here...

May is the month I look forward to:
Mother's Day
Our Anniversary
My Birthday

Throw a couple of birthdays in from our extended family and it's also the month that causes Paul the most stress.

Sorry Paul - lucky for you I'm low maintenance (right???)

But THIS May might top all previous (and possibly future) years.

2 Reasons:

May 23rd - 2 1/2 Hour Lost Series Finale!
and just when I will be mourning the loss of one of my most favorite tv series of all time...

May 27th - So You Think You Can Dance Season Premiere!
one of my other most favorite series of all time

It's like ABC and Fox got together and arranged a little birthday present just for me.

And just to get you in the mood, here's probably my favorite routine from last season
(by some of my most favorite dancers of the season)

Yeah. I love hip-hop.
What? I'm from the East Bay.
And there are just some parts of that California Girl in me that will never die.


Michele said...

best.dance.ever. period. who knew the little married molly mormon could get down and dirty in a hip hop routine? i have watched this routine so many times that i memorize it and when i hear the song i can imagine the dance in my head. embarrassing? maybe a little. and jakob, jakob jakob jakob... who knew i could fall in love with a gay guy. like real love! happy birthday to us!

Lezli said...

Summer - tell Paul not to stress. A card sent with love is all I ever want. . . .

John said...

Yes, a very cool dance. Thats why your mom is in love with this show.

I cant believe you are 29 this month....how can our oldest be 29 and your mom and I look so great?

Sarah said...

I can't wait for SYTYCD to start again. That was one of my favorites from last season, too. I loved Ashley and Jakob together, all of their routines were really good. Although, Ashley and Ryan kind of weirded me out a little bit. I'm excited for a new season!!! Happy Birthday to you!! Only a little while longer before you're in the last year of your 20's!! When did we get this old???

Randy and Tiffany said...

why did I just seriously spend like a half hour watching this dance as well as a bunch of my other faves on this little you tube clip screen?? bleeding love, mad, no air. but whatcha say is the best, I must agree. and shel, you're not that wierd. cuz when I go running and I hear the bleeding love song play on my ipod, I can picture chelsie hightower doing the bleeding love dance in my head. now I need to put whatcha say on my running playlist.
so so so so excited for SYTYCD
and so so so SO excited for the series finale of Lost.
happy birthday month to you, sister! :)

Faye said...

Summer I thought of you today when I saw the advertisement for the SYTYCD show. I can't wait - although it won't ever be as fun as when I got to watch the shows together with you. I watch the shows solo at my house - no on else here appreciates how great it is :) Hope all your stuff this month is fabulous!