Tuesday, May 04, 2010

For Four Days

These two came to visit us this past weekend.

(my sister Tiff and her almost one-year old Madden, recent Chicago transplants)

The kids had been on the countdown.
Ok, me too.
And it lived up to all our expectations, even if the weather did not.

the weekend included but was not limited to:
cousin playtime
The Princess and the Frog, "Don't make me light my butt!" (one guess who said that)
mall playplace
good food
lots of treats
30 Rock (and a certain scene we watched about 25 times at 12:30am and laughed so hard we cried) and Modern Family
late night talks
lots of laughs
not enough sleep
a few catnaps
the park
picnic in my minivan
getting hit on (cuz I'm hot - or cuz my sister is. yeah probably that)

So Much Fun.
I mean really.

As usual, picture taking was not high on my priority list.
Here's what I've got (thanks to Tiff)

"How's my lipstick, I mean chocolate?"

Avery l-o-v-e-d her cousin Madden.
No really she did!
(he looks innocent here, but he actually just got done whacking her in the face)
It's ok, we all had breakdowns when they left.
Alex could do nothing but watch movies the rest of the day or else she would be crying so hard she couldn't breathe (her explanation, not mine).

Thanks for coming Tiff!
The perfect weekend.

p.s. Alex told me today she wants Tiff to be her mom.


Randy and Tiffany said...

lol, you didn't explain WHY she wants me to be her mom though...its not cuz she loves ME so much, its cuz she loves Madden so much :)
And I laughed out loud at the comment that we got hit on. I almost forgot about that. But I don't think its cuz I'm hot...I'm pretty sure it was cuz we are both in our "prime"...even if Paul would disagree. :)
Thanks for having us...it was bad.ass.

JoAnna said...

I want to spend a weekend with you laughing so hard I'm crying. It all sounds too perfect.
I'll take one of those, please, with a diet coke on the side.

Lexie said...

What fun! You and your sisters are all so beautiful, it's so fun to see you together and to see your kids with their cousins. And, in all fairness, are there ever days you wish Tiff was Alex's mom?

Michele said...

I want to go back in time and beam myself there. what a bummer. i'm so glad you guys had a blast. and we LOVE the princess and the frog, but THANKFULLY boss hasn't caught onto the "don't make me light my butt" phrase, shocking, I know, considering his vocabulary these days. i wanna know what 30 rock scene you cried at, i know all of them, and who the hell hit on your guys? out with all your kids??? too many things to comment on this post, but how much does alex look like you in ALL these pictures??

John said...

This post made me laugh.....Alex is such a little nut case.

Shellie said...

Alex is hilarious and you and your sister are GORGEOUS! So glad you had a blast :)

Carrie Anne said...

oh how fun!!!!! that is awesome. so maybe we DIE laughing when we watch modern family, too. and maybe we rewind & rewatch SO MANY SCENES! that show is so awesome! my new favorite i think. good times you hot mama!

Sarah said...

What a great weekend! I didn't realize Tiffany was so close to you guys, that's so fun. 30 Rock and Modern Family are two of our very favorites, too. SO funny.

Also, so not surprised you two hotties got hit on! :)