Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Things

1. The kids have been wanting to sleep here every night
(i.e. the backyard)
but Paul's hips are hurting.

While I get the best of both worlds - join'em in the tent for ghost stories then head back inside.
(Alex likes to head back inside in the middle of the night)

2. Could I please have a baby forever??
Without having another baby?

This one's perfect.

But October 19th is coming all too soon.

That's all.


Carrie Anne said...

loved catching up on your blog! i mostly loved reading about chicago b/c maybe i feel NORMAL reading about it! what a great town with tons of fun things to do!!
also, you've inspired me with painting your kitchen! it looks awesome! way to go!

JoAnna said...

Are her eyes for real???

Yes, having a baby is delicious. Positively scrumptious. But on the bright side... remember how much more complicated life is with a baby. I'm remembering right now. So much more complicated. So worth it, yes, but so glad it doesn't last forever. And before we know it, we'll have the best of all--- GRANDBABIES!!!!

Sarah said...

I love that they've been sleeping outside in the tent - so fun!! I would be sneaking back inside myself :)

I go back and forth about wanting a baby forever and being excited about having autonomous kids. I think there will be a lot of great things about that stage, but I know I will miss my babies like crazy. Pros and cons, right? I agree, though, grandbabies are going to be wonderful!!

Avery is SO CUTE.