Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't start counting down yet

I wish I had a Kindle. I really want one.
Paul says I can have one in three know, when we are done with residency/fellowship.
The up-front cost isn't really the problem.
The problem is, as Paul said to me, "Then you'll buy a book every week."
And he's right. I would.

Aaaahhhhhhh, books at my fingertips.

Not that I want to wish this residency time away.
We are happy and provided for and life is good.
And this phase of life has it's perks (see previous post).
And everyone I know who has crossed over (those who have finished residency and have a "real" job) assure me that life is still the same.
Because life is life and you're still just you.
And I believe them.

In three years, I'll still just be me.
But I'll be me with a Kindle : )


Brewer Bunch said...

... and it's those little 'kindle' moments that make life on the 'other side' just a wee bit sweeter... :)

John said...

Yeah, but in three years your kids will have kindles and even the i-pad will be old news. Maybe by then you will be able to download books into your brain without reading.

JoAnna said...

I like John's comment!! LOL

Faye said...

My girlfriend was showing me her Kindle app on her I-phone. She downloads book right on to her I-phone all the time now. I think the I-phone just made my - "Wish I had it" list.

Sarah said...

It will be so soon, Summer! :) And then there will be something even better and cooler that everyone that bought their kindles now will be wishing they had :)

Can I please see you in December? I would LOVE it! :) We're staying here for our first Christmas with just our family so I will be here the whole time!

Lezli said...

Ohhh.... but then you won't get to go to the library and walk up and down the aisles opening and closing the books until you finally make a decision. . . technology steals all the fun again!