Thursday, October 21, 2010

1, 2, 3...?

3 kids.
Weird. I could swear I have 11.
That's what it feels like when I've got all three of them 24 hours a day like I do for the next 4 days.
(No school Thursday and Friday.)
And... it's only Thursday afternoon. I'm exhausted and half-crazy.
You probably would be too, if my kids were yours.

I mean do you have a 4-year old daughter as sassy as Alex?
The other day when I told her to do something she didn't want to do she snapped at me with, "Okay, fatness!"
I mean really, what am I even supposed to do with that??
Last night it was Paul she was sassing and he finally thought to sit her down with the i-pod and some good old Taylor Swift.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was a 16 year old in the house.

At least she still has a sweet side.

A crazy funny side too : )

Then there's Noah.
Who is suddenly a big kid.
When I asked him for a kiss the other day he responded with, "Oh mom, if my friends saw this..."
And the next morning it was, "Girls. They're sooo sensitive."

But then there was last night.
He was describing to me a girl in his class with "golden hair."
So I said, "What color hair do you like girls to have?"
And without hesitation he said, "Brown, like yours."
Yep, still my little boy : )

And Avery.
Well, we've really out-done ourselves this time.
She's our most stubborn kid yet.
And she's got something of a bad reputation. Who knew a 1-year old could even have a reputation??
But she loves her mama like crazy and I'm wrapped around her little finger.

I wouldn't trade any of'em for the world : )
(But do you really need to ask me why we're done?)


Shellie said...

Holy cow. That picture of your 16 year old sass-a-frass on the couch is hilarious!!! Your kids crack me up. Good luck this weekend, sounds like you're going to need it :)

healthandjoy said...

Your blog is completely DELIGHTFUL!! I get the biggest
kick out of your three creative, spontaneous,
precocious, and totally adorable kids! Thanks always
for sharing!

JoAnna said...

Fatness?!?! Okay, seriously. You have my pity! :)

You must do a post explaining Avery's bad reputation! I can't even imagine!!

I love your candidness!!!

Faye said...

You have such a gift at writing so that we get the total visual picture. (of course the pic of Alex on the couch is hilarious too). Your kids are adorable and hilarious - I miss them!

John said...

Good post skinnyness

Tiffany said...

lol, fatness?!? where does she even get this stuff? she is hilarious! And I don't believe that Avery can have a bad reputation already...she's way too cute!
That video of crazy Alex reminds me of ALL our home videos of YOU when you were her age! :)
Good luck this weekend! ;)