Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's not my favorite.

but Happy Halloween.

This year we went with our good friends to Tweite's Pumpkin Patch.
It was more like a village - tons to do and the kids loved it.
Not that you can tell. And that is the only picture I got (because we were on the wagon ride and I could actually keep track of all of my kids for a few minutes and pull out the camera).

Oh wait! Me and Avery were there too, and we look happy : )

For reals though, when we walked in Noah's eyes got huge. Slowly, arms outstretched, he said, "This. Is the coolest place I've ever seen."

It's also the place we got these beauties.

And after they were carved Paul informed Noah that 2 pumpkins a year is his limit - once Avery is old enough, Noah is on his own.
Thanks for doing the dirty work, hon : )

On Friday I had two "Character Parades" to attend in one afternoon.
Alex was totally into it.

She did get a little more animated - and she loved wearing her ballerina costume all day at school. And she loved that her ballet slippers made her feel like she was "just wearing socks."

Noah's was next. Every year it's tricky - because he wants to be something scary for Halloween, but you can't be anything scary for the school "Character Parade."
So it's totally awesome that the kid next to him looks like...something very scary.
Anyways. Noah borrowed a pirate costume.

Except he wouldn't wear the wig of pirate hair to school - maybe because his sister told him he looked like a girl?

Saturday night was our ward party and Trunk-or-Treat.
I got Noah to cooperate for pictures when I reminded him that we couldn't even see his face.

And I made his ghost costume.
I know, awesome, right??

(although eventually Paul had to tear the eye-holes open to make one big hole for his face. so he could see)

Alex was so cute but totally freezing to death - despite the shade shirt under the leo and the fuzzy pink leg warmers.

(she wore a coat)

Avery is not pictured. But she wore a snowsuit. Because it was freezing.
And because I didn't want to buy my baby a costume.

Before the trunk-or-treating started the kids enjoyed some of the festivities.
My favorite was watching them eat donuts off a string.
Alex was cracking up.
And they both came home with glaze all over.

They trunk-or-treated for about 20 minutes, making a full round of all the cars, and they were satisfied. And freezing. So we came home and ate lots of candy. And washed off glaze.

Tonight being Sunday we did not trick-or-treat. When I explained to Noah, earlier this month, that we would not be trick-or-treating on Sunday, but Trunk-or-treating on Saturday I thought he might be disappointed. Nope. His only response was, "OK, but I get candy?"

So tonight they passed out candy. I gave them a few instructions and let them be in charge. Oh man, were they into it. It was hilarious!
They watched for trick-or-treaters for a good half hour before anyone was even out. Then they slowly transitioned from watching at the window, to waiting at the door, to standing on the front porch with the bowl of candy, calling out to trick-or-treaters.
And there was some real teamwork going on. Noah would look down the street and holler to Alex how many were coming their way. Alex would quickly count out the right number of mini candy bars and distribute them evenly between the two of them.
They remembered to say "Happy Halloween!" and "Your welcome."
Noah would run inside intermittently to let me know how many "customers" they'd just had : )

The kids had a good Halloween.
They are cute.
And I am glad it's over.

Now Bring on Thanksgiving!
There's a holiday I can get excited about.
Food, Family, Counting your Blessings. Nothing weird or creepy about that.


Tiffany said...

Love the kids costumes! That picture of Noah in his "character parade" costume next to the rule-breaker wearing the scary costume is pretty funny! And I LOVE the funny details on how they passed out candy to trick-or-treaters! Its actually kinda fun that as kids they got to experience that end of trick or treating...cuz it sounds like they had a blast passing out candy! They are hilarious!
We had a fun halloween...but I too am SUPER excited that Thanksgiving is next...cuz that means we get to see YOU GUYS! (oh ya, and it also means, your delicious pecan yams, sparkling apple cider, and chocolate triple layer mousse. YUM!)
Happy Halloween!
(p.s. shel...I made this comment extra long...just for you) ;)

John said...

I would like to make a comment but Tiff took up all the space.

Tiffany said...

lol. whatever dad

JoAnna said...

LOL! Your family always makes me laugh!

I am so with you on halloween. Just plain weird. Should be banned. I, too, did not buy my baby a costume. Couldn't bring myself to do it. I would rather flush the $30 down the toilet.
But it was so much fun to watch my kids hand out the candy (to the 7 trick or treaters that came by). They were the EXACT same way as your kids! They even went outside too!!! They were in hog heaven!

Shellie said...

I cannot stop laughing. I laughed the entire time I read this! Poor Noah and the "scary" boy next to him. What a shame. And the fact that he posed for a picture cuz you couldn't see his face.....TOO MUCH! Seriously, too much! Thanks for a much needed laugh today :)

Catherine Call said...

Girrrrrl! I am with you!! Halloween is poo!

Bring on the TURKEY and STUFFING!!!!!!!

Faye said...

Summer - you write the best posts! The whole holiday totally came to life for me - the kids coordinating on their candy distribution, the glaze all over their faces, Noah posing since he was incognito. What a blast. Glad you had fun - but I ALWAYS liked Halloween better than Thanksgiving - candy on costumes vs a BIG dinner to fix and lots of dishes. Good for you that you didn't inherit my intimidation of big dinner events.

Sarah said...

So I love Halloween... love it. Everyone dressed up, running around the neighborhood at night and getting candy - hello! What's not fun about that? :) But I have to say, that this year almost did me in. There were so many parties and I don't know how to say no to a sign up sheet or offer to help and I was toast by the end of Sunday night. I don't even have pictures of anything since we were so crazy busy. We barely got our own traditions in. So I am SO READY for Thanksgiving. I can't wait.

If you lived by me, you would love Halloween too, I know it :)