Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

things that should not be a tradition:
- the kids throwing up the day before Thanksgiving
- going to Great Harvest Bread Co with a barf bucket
- discovering the night before Thanksgiving that the bottom of your springform pan is missing, tearing apart the kitchen, and then driving to the grocery store in an ice storm to replace it
- me being in charge of the turkey
- Paul going on about 1 hour of sleep on Thanksgiving
- (almost) getting a concussion on black friday (but that is a very misleading statement)
- Paul trying to find a parking spot at Mall of America on black friday
- going (back) to American Eagle, was it 4 times Tiff or 5?
- the babies screaming the whole 1 hour 30 minute ride home from the Mall of America
- Tiff convinced that something was terribly wrong (I say it was the 6 cookies they ate for dinner while we shopped)
- husbands somewhat displeased about the money spent at Mall of America
- Brimhalls only staying 3 days
- not taking hardly any pictures

the keepers:
- the Brimhalls
- staying up late cooking with my sis
- Paul being home for Thanksgiving
- Madden loving Uncle Paul
- kids enjoying "the feast"
- black friday shopping with my sis...but not too early
- sending the kids home early with the guys
- riding Avatar and screaming like a kid
- yams and triple layer mousse for every meal for days
- enjoying the moment so much you can't be bothered with taking pictures

some stuff that makes me laugh:
- Tiff leaving me blog comments while I stand 10 feet away
- a certain commercial (you know the one Brimhalls)
- A&E guy that thought I wanted to leave my baby with him
- creepy straight-faced guy sitting across from us on Avatar

and all we've got to show for it:

Thanks for coming Brimhalls! Can't wait for Thanksgiving 2011 -
I think they're getting better every year : )


Tiffany said...

LOL! Totally forgot about that hilarious commercial!! I wanna find it online and post it on my blog...or would that be inappropriate?? ;)
This post made me laugh....and made me excited for thanksgiving 2011! Its too far away!!!
Thanks for hosting! We love you guys!!

John said...

Im jealous that Madden hugs Paul and not me.

Tiffany said...

You're not the only jealous one, Dad. John C is pretty jealous of Madden and Paul's special bond too ;)

Michele said...

John is way jealous. He hates Paul. I'm so jealous too, but not of Madden and Pauls relationship, I know Madden loves me, but that I don't get to be a part of these traditions. What year do we get invited?

Randy said...


Shellie said...

Wow sounds like a party all around. Sorry about the pukin'! I MISS YOU!

Summer said...

It'll blow your hair back!


JoAnna said...

Such a great way to capture the weekend! And I totally hear ya on the pics!!

Faye said...

Great post Summer - can't wait to hear the details behind some of these comments - don't forget a thing!