Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We're not a family that has a ton of'em...but we've got a few.

We've been doing Thanksgiving on our own (away from family) since Paul started med school. Was that really six years ago??
That makes this our 7th Thanksgiving on our own, we've hosted 5 out of the 7 times.
We've come up with a few good traditions along the way...as well as some funny experiences and great memories.

First of all:
Martinelli's Sparking Cider. As in every one gets their own bottle.
And yes, we drink from the bottle.

Best Pecan Yams. They'll change your life.
(from the Favorites book)

And of course:
Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse. Nothing else needs to be said.

Then there's rolls...and this is where the funny experiences come in.
(Although not at all funny at the time.)
To make a long story short...homemade rolls are the bane of my existence.
I've tried different kinds, different recipes, tricks of the trade, I've even had more than one tutorial.
But a few years back, when we were not hosting, for some reason I agreed to bring rolls.
That was mistake #1. But it got a lot worse from there. And that frigid snowy Thanksgiving morning was turning into something of a disaster for me as one thing went wrong after another.
And then, the car is loaded and ready to head over to our friends house - we're just waiting for the timer to go off so we can take the rolls and stuffing out of the oven.
Which is when we realize...I never even turned on the oven.
And THAT is when I sat down in the middle of my kitchen floor and cried.

I've come a long way since then.
Which is why tomorrow morning you'll find me at Great Harvest Bread Co.
Buying rolls.
(Don't judge, they're delicious)

We do have Thanksgiving traditions that are not based on the menu.
Most years we go around the table at the beginning of the meal and say one thing we are thankful for - not Paul's favorite, but I like it : )

And this year we've started something similar with our kids.
Every night for the month of November we get together as a family and say one thing we are thankful for.
It's always fun to see what the kids will say...and to come up with our own new thing each day.

Here's mine for today:
I got to have lunch with Noah at school
bring treats to his class
read to them
and watch them do a super cute birthday song thing too.

Loved it.
Love that he wanted me to come (Paul says next year he probably wont)
love that he insisted we take the extra cupcakes to the principal and other office ladies
love his cute friends
and loved hearing from some of the adults at school what a wonderful boy he is : )

And now for one more funny Thanksgiving memory:
a few years back, after a somewhat late Thanksgiving dinner (to accommodate crazy work schedules) we all gathered in the living room around our little tv...
to watch the Thanksgiving episode of Grey's Anatomy.
It was very important to me.
And now it makes me laugh out loud!
Because I've given up Grey's and I'm totally beyond that now : )


Faye said...

Love your traditions - both old and new. And love that Noah is still young enough to be proud of his Mom and want her around (too bad it changes at some point - soooo sad) enjoy these good times :)

Elise said...

Love you Sums. I can't believe how much alike Chris and Paul are! We do the thankful thing and its not Chris's favorite either. He is also telling me to get what I can of Sam, because next year will be a different story. Maybe they are just trying to prep us????

JoAnna said...

Those traditions are AWESOME!! I am just mad you didn't share them a week ago! i would've gotten each of us our OWN bottle of cider! I would've gotten your mouse recipe and made it, too! And all I'm thinking about the rolls is S-M-A-R-T!!!!!!!

Carolyn Hanson said...

Your roll story makes me laugh! I guess everyone has their thing... My thing happens to be chocolate chip cookies. I've tried and failed way too many times to count! So sad. But, you make delicious chocolate chip cookies : )

Thanks for the yam recipe and I hope you have an amazing holiday with your family!!

Tiffany said...

Lets hope that the kids puking the day before our feast does not stick as a new thanksgiving tradition. Or losing the springform pan the night before, which is a necessity for our beloved triple chocolate mousse.
p.s. how funny is it that I am typing this comment in your house on your computer while you stand a few feet away stirring the yams? Lets make that a new tradition too: you slave away in the kitchen at 10:30 the night before while I blog on your computer and leave comments on everyone's blogs ;)

John said...

Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving together. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Carrie Anne said...

LOVE all of your posts b/c I feel like I am talking with you. I hope things turned out well this Turkey Day!!

Lori said...

I'm so glad I was apart of your tradition one yr :) I think of you guys EVERYTIME I see sparkling grape juice - loved it. Okay and I loved your post about parenting. SO. TRUE. thank you for saying it like it IS! Sheesh, it's ruff some,ok most, days. couple other items: color on my walls, Martha Stewart Buckwheat Flour. We'll be in RI for 3 yrs - wanna come visit? :) love your posts

Catherine Call said...

Loved this post. Loved the writing, as always (you truly have a gift). Love YOU!