Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another post about my kids without any pictures

I guess I'm getting old and boring. I am turning 30 this year.

My kids went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese last night (probably my least favorite place on earth). Now they keep talking about Chuck E. and all I can think about is Chucky. You know the one.

Our pet fish Oshi is still alive and kicking. It's something of a miracle. The other day I asked Noah if he'd fed Oshi. He got that sheepish look on his face that means no, and proceeded to feed the fish. I asked Noah, "Noah are you feeding Oshi every day?" His matter-of-fact response was, "Mom, I don't keep track of it. Like how I don't keep track of the last time I had a bath."
Good thing boys have moms to keep track of the important stuff in life. I also have to tell him everyday to change his underwear (or he wont do it). And I thought he was changing his socks everyday...until I realized that smell last night was coming from Noah's feet. (I hope Noah doesn't read this, he will be so mad at me.)

Alex seems to have no short-term memory. If you ask her what she did today she will always respond with, "Um...I don't know." Or she'll look at me and whisper, "Mom. What did I do today?" Funny. And worrisome. In fact, that's Alex in a nutshell: funny and worrisome.

Avery has a mullet. But I don't want to cut it because I just want her hair to grow out - or grow into it. Or something. She's still pretty needy but it's getting harder to ignore her - now that she follows me around, arms reaching out to me saying, "Mama!" in the sweetest, saddest little way.

Also, 4-7pm is the worst time of day. I feel bad for Paul that he comes home from a long stressful day at the hospital to the madness that is our home/family at that time. Avery is whining because she wont take a nap most days and is way too tired. Noah doesn't want to do his homework. Alex is mad because she can't watch tv. Noah and Alex are bugging each other. Everyone wants a snack even though I'm trying to get dinner started.
And I know family dinners are important, but sometimes it's hard to see. Usually it consists of Noah and Alex arguing, Noah complaining and refusing to eat whatever we're having that night, Avery screaming and crying intermittently while going back and forth between my lap and Paul's, and Paul and I trying hard not to yell at everyone. Oh and there is usually at least one spilt cup of milk.
Remember this week on Modern Family when Phil said about their kids, "Sometimes I hate them"? That's probably what I'm thinking at dinner time these days.
Good thing they almost always do something to redeem themselves before bedtime.

I love my family. I'm glad I have one. But, lets face it, on any given day they put me through the entire gamut of emotions.
This is real life with a family of 5. At least it's our real life.
I'm just keeping it real.


s.k.i.p. said...

I love it real:) You guys are so cute!

Tiffany said...

That line on Modern Family was hilarious...and it did make me think of you guys and the post where you wrote about you and Paul laying in bed after a long day with the kids and saying "kids were a mistake" lol!
But no matter how crazy your days with 3 kids are....they ARE the cutest and funniest kids around. For reals. Miss you guys!

Michele said...

could not agree more about the 4-7 time frame. I absolutely despise that time of day.

Mandy said...

You are in good company about the 4-7 thing. That is about the time that I want to die everyday.

Shellie said...

Sounds all too familiar with my family of 5 as well. In fact, Ryan is beginning to think that our kids are never happy and never not arguing because he sees them at the WORST time of day every day. G-R-U-M-P-Y.
Yep 4-7...hate it!

Oh ya, and I love that you keep it real.

robyne said...

Yep...I remember that crazy time of day, I think it gets better as they are older and can drive. You will be 30, yep, I will be 50! Crazy how time flies....someday soon that crazy time of day will be a distant fond memory.

Faye said...

I love your reality posts - it brings back memories. Keep up the good work :)

Lori said...

I'm so glad you write about how it really is. Not all that "ahh I just LOVE my perfect kids and life" stuff. You make me feel so validated and I LOVE that - so thanks!

Lori said...

oh AND I have to tell you I laughed my head off at your post the other day when Alex said "you're a medium mom" and you followed with "so that was awesome." You're hilarious Summer - I almost fell out of my chair! But let it be known you are a SKINNY Mama!

Sarah said...

4-7 oh how I loathe that time of day. Christian has no idea of the chaos that goes on since he is NEVER here. He is a very lucky man ;) I will be thinking of you as I'm attempting to make dinner amidst the craziness today for sure! haha

gregandlaura said...

I so understand the dinner time thing! I HATE IT! I usually end up cooking dinner with the kids on the counter cause I get so tired of them pulling on my legs!! hahah CRAZY

Carrie Anne said...

hahahaha! i just need to copy/paste this post to my blog b/c that's EXACTLY how it is! i mean identical! the husband is usually gone for our dinners these days. and you know family home evening? i totally don't ever want to have it b/c the kids are crazy!!!! i love you keeping it real.

amy r said...

Hi~ Carrie's SIL here. Had to come over from her blog after reading her post. I have 3 kids, exactly the same ages as yours. And 4-7 is absolutely identical in this house. And I am counting to ten and backwards, trying not to yell. I'll have to watch that episode of MF though. I could use a good laugh. Thanks for the post.

Kadie said...

This sounds SO much like my life...I am SO glad I am not alone! Miss you guys! Tharren still talks about when he and Paul took the blow horn and knocked on Paul's friends doors just to blow it at them when they answered! If only we lived closer, this might be a good stress relief for them.