Thursday, January 06, 2011

Kid Stuff

When I was out with the girls last night I got this text from Paul around 10pm:
"Noah just puked in our bed"

3 reasons that is probably the worst text message I've ever received?
- it was about one of my kids. and it was a girls night out - when you are supposed to forget you have kids
- it involved puke.
- it happened in my bed.

Here's another story about Noah:
Paul took him to get his haircut the other night. Only he didn't ask him how he wanted it cut. And apparently it's much shorter than Noah likes it, so he wasn't too happy. Paul felt bad about not asking - but I'm still wondering when my BOY got old enough to have an opinion about his hair??!

Here's an Alex story (or two):
when we were reading from Noah's National Geographic tonight she asked me a question about "Antfartica." A mix of Africa and Antarctica?
Also, the other night she called me a "skinny mama." Then she thought about that for a minute and said, "Actually, you're a medium mama." So that was awesome.

And Avery:
It's official - her first word is "Da-da." It's ok. I'm pretty secure about our relationship. When Paul tried to tease me that he was her favorite I couldn't help but laugh.
Since then she has said "Mama" a few times. She also says "uh-oh" but she can only do the "uh" part. And she tries to say "all done" which sounds like nothing like those 2 words at all, just a bunch of gibberish. But I know what she means - she does it with body language.

Then there's Facebook, my other baby (at the moment).
I love it/hate it.
I love that I'm actually communicating with people that I've lost touch with or have had very little contact with over the years. People I like, and care about, and miss.
I hate that I when I sit down at the computer I don't know when I'll get back up again.
Most of all...I hate that I'm afraid to say anything. Does anyone else feel that way? I'm pretty open on my blog (which is not private) but Facebook feels very different. It is different.
My blog will always be my real love : )


Mandy said...

I'm so sorry Noah puked and I'm even more sorry it was in your bed. I think kid puke is one of the worst things to deal with. Yuck!

Tiffany said...

I agree that it takes a while to get used to what to say on facebook. And even after being on it for about a year, I still prefer my blog over FB :)
Congrats on being called a "medium mama" by Alex...even if its not "skinny mama" yet, its still a step up from "your fatness". Looks like your regular gym workouts are paying off and Alex has noticed ;) lol

Shellie said...

Know what you mean about FB. And Alex KILLS me with her comments!!! Seriously? where does she get this stuff!

Melissa said...

LOL Alex.

Antfartica? That is so offensive on so many levels.

[BrookeO] said...

Oh girls night, miss those - miss you.
Talked to Jo the other day and we had a "moment for Summer"!!!!!!!!! :)