Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I feel like blogging about

My Brother's Wedding.
I smile every time I look at this picture, remembering all that was going on and being said in the moment. My dads comment was, "Why is there so much damn drama in this family??!"
Let's just leave it at that : )

Alex's Surgery.
It was just tubes in her ears. Fast. Uncomplicated.
But also.
Seeing my little girl in surgical scrubs.
Watching her get piggy-backed off to the OR without me.
Hearing her screams as we headed back to see her in recovery.
Holding her limp and flailing little body as she screamed and cried for a good hour afterwards.
Maybe shooting my husband a look or two - the kind that means "Ithoughtyousaidthiswouldbenobigdeal?!?"
(although I now realize he had no idea what those looks meant - he says I speak in code)
But also.
Her mask smelled like strawberry candy.
She ate lots of popsicles.
They let her keep "Pudding" the puppy.
And Avery liked her scrub cap.

Father Son Ski Trip.
Noah's first time.
2 1/2 days on the mountains in Utah - saying that Noah loved is an understatement.
Noah called me after his first lesson and said, "Mom, it's so easy. I can totally ski. I go like 20 mph mom."
All day everyday he said to Paul, "This is so awesome dad. This is awesome."
He also told Paul the blues were "easy" and he wanted to do some black diamonds - which is when Paul had to draw the line.
Noah's new favorite sport. Paul couldn't be more proud.
A great experience for the both of them, it makes me so happy : )

Alex's 5th Birthday. And Paul's 32nd.
They share. They like it that way.
Took Alex and a few of her little girlfriends to the movies on Saturday - they were hilarious.
Opened presents on Sunday.
Paul and Noah put together Alex's doll-house (just what Paul wanted to do on his birthday I'm sure) the only thing she asked for this year.
And Avery decided she needed her picture taken too.
A good day.

And in case you are not on Facebook...
Paul's Status Update
Which he wrote after having taken an Ambien.
I was reading (and laughing) over his shoulder as he typed and tried to stop him (unsuccessfully) from posting it.
He has since deleted the post. But it was loooong.
He thanked people for the birthday wishes including those, "loved and hated and now just loved"
And said things like, "keep spreading the love Facebook"
Um. Yeah. Paul about died when he woke up and saw that on FB this morning.
Can't stop laughing about it : )

And that about wraps things up.


Sarah said...

Now I can't stop laughing about Paul's facebook birthday lovefest! hahaha! That is so funny. I'm glad that Alex got through her surgery no problem. When Blaine had surgery on his toe I was freaking out. Seeing your little baby so vulnerable and fragile is heartbreaking as a mom! I'm glad you both made it through it!

Also, your dad's quote about your family is awesome. I love your family :)

Tiffany said...

I lol-ed when I read Paul's comment on FB. And my fave was also the "some loved some hated and now just loved" hilarious. Even more hilarious now that I know he was on drugs when he wrote it.
Alex and her friends look so cute at her little b day party :) Happy Birthday, Alex and Paul!

Amie said...

alex's doll house is so cute. what a fun gift. i will laugh about pauls fb rant for a long time. now you guys can laugh about my embarrassing sedation story too : ) keep spreading the love summer.

Michele said...

oops, that was michele, not my sis in law amie, computer must have been logged into her gmail??

Shellie said...

Your kids look so grown-up and so cute!! I'm so glad all went well with Alex :)

Carrie Anne said...

I love that your dad said the wedding. Maybe Rebecca said that the other day. Hahahaha! Your posts are hilarious...I love the reality of things...makes me feel so at home.:) Miss you! It would have been awesome if you'd been at The Chocolate Bar with us the other night...such good times.

Faye said...

The girls look so grown up! Cute pictures of the birthday - and I am so disappointed I missed Paul's Facebook post. Just when I thought checking Facebook once a week was enough for me Paul just proved me wrong.

JoAnna said...

Bahahahaha! Paul!
Alex is five?!?!? What the freak????!!! Where did the time go??

Paul said...

Man that was an embarrassing post.

carlyl said...

HAHA Paul... So is it 8:51? Just wondering if you can put two and two together!

Paul said...

Carly, you just don't understand the fluidity of this world. Or that Trader Joe's is not good for families, only for buddies.

carlyl said...

So true and very well said Paul, I never can take my fam into Trader Joes. I just hope the next time you and Sum are on swings visiting family rooms, you'll stop by mine! Oh and Sum, PLEASE get that voice recorder! I can't wait for the next installment of "Paul on a trip"! HAHA!

John said...

Careful Paul.....ambien is the new marijuana.