Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I consider myself lucky

Because it's been in the 30's for a couple of days...with 40 degree weather coming all week.
Noah says it "feels like July." I wouldn't go that far. But. I'm loving it.

Because these are my Valentines.

And I've got a lot of'em.
As I kissed Alex goodnight and said, "I love you my little valentine" she put on a pouty face and said, "Mom. I heard you tell dad that HE was your valentine." She wants to be everyone's one and only.

Because V-day was a good day.
I spent the morning playing with the girls: fingeroos, glitter nail polish, and sugar cookie making.

Alex wore pink and got my new signature hair style
(hey, this is good for me)

I got to go to the gym - but Alex was concerned about my lack of pink and red.
Alex, this headband is for you.

And the kids got a few little presents, packages from BOTH grandmas, and way too much candy from their parties at school.

So...even if the night ended with 3 wild kids and 2 exhausted parents (ready and willing to give our kids away to anyone who would take them)...I consider myself lucky.


Tiffany said...

Ok, I think Alex's hair looks SUPER CUTE like that! Really! I love it!
Sounds like you guys had a great valentines day! I need to call you today!

John said...

We sure miss those cute kids....looking forward to Florida in May!

Shellie said...

Sum you look adorable! And Alex's hair looks so cute, but her face in that picture is killing me! SO cute! What's with Noah letting you take so many pictures of him lately? Love it all!

Faye said...

I too love Alex's hairstyle and the fact that she wants to be your ONLY valentine :)