Saturday, February 12, 2011


We have a little preschool carpool. So each time I pick up the kids I get to listen to their funny conversations the whole way home.
A few days ago Alex and Carter were swapping puke stories. Carter had recently been sick and told Alex proudly, "The other night I stayed up puking ALL NIGHT LONG!"
Alex responded with, "I've puked before too! One time I was standing in my kitchen and I opened my mouth and the puke just fell right out on the floor!"
Then there was lots of giggling (me included).

The next day the topic of conversation was Alex's new underwear.
Alex - Carter guess what?!? I got new undies!
Carter - You did!?! What are they?
Alex - I told you - new undies!
Carter - Yeah, but what's on them?
Alex - Oh ya know, some pink, some orange, some purple...
(And yes, Carter is a boy)

Yesterday when they hopped into the van Alex announced, "Carter when my dad gets home from work today my dad and my mom are going on a Valentine's Date!"
We did. And it was great.


Faye said...

Love that you keep track of the funny things the kids say - it brings back happy memories.

Shellie said...

She continues to be hilarious! We had our Valentines date fun :) I'm loving that I finally found a babysitter our kids LOVED!

Tiffany said...

While you and Paul were out on your Valentine's date did you describe in detail to him the colors on your underwear and swap puke stories? Cuz that would've been so romantic ...

Sarah said...

I love Alex, she is hilarious. I love how she described her puke just randomly falling out onto the floor, haha. I love that you keep track of the things they say, too. They are too funny!