Friday, July 01, 2011

It's Official

Noah and Alex had Nature Camp each morning this week.
They both love it, but especially Noah. It's right up his alley.
It's seriously one of his favorite things each summer.

I had to get a picture of Alex on her first day though.

Because, yes, she really went looking just like this.

I made her wear shorts, which she hates and refuses to wear under normal circumstances, so the only ones she would put on were her sweat shorts.
She also hates shoes and socks, but they are also a nature camp requirement.
Wearing your socks pulled up to your knees is just an Alex requirement.
As were the purple sunglasses : )

Noah of course declined having his picture taken.
But he's really hoping we can get him into one of the first summer sessions of Nature Camp next year. year from now, we'll be gone.
We're down to our last year here in Rochester.

After going back and forth manymany times and thinking we'd had our minds made up more than once, Paul has officially decided not to do a fellowship.
So we'll be taking a job...somewhere : )

It's exciting and nerve-wracking and scary and sad all at the same time.
I try not to think about saying goodbye to my friends because I'd rather not spend the entire next year crying my eyes out.
But one year?? That's crazy, it's gonna go by so fast.

So here's to one more year in Rochester,
the job search,
finally being DONE,
and hoping for a great Nature Camp (as well as a few other things) wherever we end up : )

I promise to keep you posted.


Elise said...

YaY for summertime and NO fellowships : ) You know my vote!

Tiffany said...

I was just thinking today about how fast OUR last year here in chicago is going to go by too. And it really almost made me start crying right there on the water taxi in the middle of the chicago river to think about leaving this place. I'm glad we are both leaving the midwest at the same time though so one of us isn't left behind all alone ;) p.s. love alex's nature camp sunglasses

Faye said...

I'm so excited to get my grandkids closer to me I wonder if this next year does go by fast or if from my end it is super slow. Can't wait to see more of all of you - Alex definitely knows how to make a fashion statement! Love it!

Shellie said...

You are exactly right...a year will FLY! I say this as I spend all my days packing up boxes as our fellowship comes to an end and we move YET AGAIN! Enjoy every last minute of this last year in Rochester :)