Thursday, July 07, 2011

Residency will do that to you

I think I need to change my blogger picture. The one that shows up by my name when I leave comments and such? It was taken 3 years ago, at the beginning of residency. Not all that long ago but I swear it doesn't even look like me. I've aged. Residency will do that to you. (Paul now has gray hairs, which he thinks is awesome).

The other day I was feeling like one more year of residency is one year too long. But then I ask myself, how much are things really going to change?? It's true that anesthesia is not the worst residency out there, by any means. But Paul puts a lot into it. Arriving (super) early, staying late, studying at home, reading up on his cases each night, research projects, moonlighting. Ok so hopefully he wont need to moonlight when we're done : ) (Which I am so glad that he does for us right now!!) But I have a feeling some of the other stuff wont change much. Really though, I'm glad he is the way he is. He works hard, he's prepared, he's good at what he does. He takes good care of our family.

And while I know Paul is excited for residency to be over so he actually has time for friends (which residents don't have) I'm sad to say goodbye to this phase of my life, where my friends have been everything to me.

So sometimes I wonder...what's so great about being done?!?

This is the only life we've known. Nine years of school/training, long/crazy hours, living far from family, relying on the support of friends who become like family.

I'm just sayin' it might be kinda weird when it's not like that. And yes, I may be feeling a little sentimental. I have a feeling I'll be feeling that way all year...

Having said all of this, the truth is, I'm still excited : )
And I should probably change my blogger picture.


Shellie said...

I love this post! I have had many of the very same thoughts. Remind yourself of how much you love Rochester even this winter when it's 30 below :) Miss you!!!

mnjacksons said...

I know it is so weird to think that-been feeling the same way this last year. We start for real in mid August. Not sure what to expect! Was thinking lots of change for the guys but my job taking care of the kids and such pretty much stays the same. Will be nice to go to the grocery store without the same financial worries. Change is always a little tough? love ya

Faye said...

Gray hair? Really??? Maybe Paul should change his photo too. Personally I don't think you've aged at all.

Elise said...

love this post sums. my 2 cents... life is what you make it... wherever you are... and whatever you're doing... you can be happy or sad. I do have to say that trips to costco are a lot more fun though ;) and i'm with paul. chris's grey hairs are sexy!

Brewer Bunch said...

believe me, it is WAAAAYYYY better on the other side! I do have fun memories of residency, but I LOVE being able to get fresh strawberries in January, and not getting a pit in my stomach every time I go through the check out line. The best feeling of all, though, is that I feel like I have a husband again, and for the first time since I can remember, we can actually sleep in on a saturday and then have him ask, "soo, what should we do today?" That is absolutely priceless!!

Yes, come to the post-residency side - it truly is wonderful!!

Sarah said...

You are adorable. It's so weird to me to look back at pictures from a few years ago and realize that I look different too, not just my kids. Or that when I see celebrities that were really popular when we were in high school and notice that they're looking pretty old. I guess we should relish the young-ness that we still have! ;)

I'm excited for you guys and the next chapter. I think there will be things that you love so much more and will be better, but things that you'll miss and wish you could go back to. I think that's just what happens when things change. Hopefully it'll all be just so wonderful you won't know how you ever survived! :)

gregandlaura said...

so funny. I could post this same post on my blog! I've just come to that same realization. We keep waiting for it to be "done" but then I think about it and don't really think it's that bad! I'm going to miss it. And picking a place to live permanently TERRIFIES me!! Who knows if the hubbys will even work that much less anyway?? hahah Funny - how it takes almost to the end to realize that!