Monday, July 18, 2011

A typical Sunday evening

Just got done going over my calendar for the next week and making my to-do list. (Nothing in my life would happen without either of those things. did that sentence just make sense?)
So. It's a pretty full week. Like crazy busy. So much so that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, wondering how I'm going to get it all done, make it all happen. But it's hard to get any sympathy from the husband when 95% of those things on the calendar revolve around the social lives of my kids...and ok, me : ) Yeah, we're livin' the life.

And did I mention that soon we head to Newport Beach for a week? WITH Paul!?! That fact alone makes me smile : ) We're not even going to know what to do with him...

Anyways. It's not the social events themselves that are the problem - it's the stuff in between. I guess what I'm saying is wouldn't it be awesome if my only job was to entertain my kids? Now I just need someone to cook, clean, run errands, do laundry, and grocery shop for me. Oh yeah and exercise for me. On second thought, just take care of my kids while I do that one myself...

Or...I guess we could always cut out a few of the events on our social calendar. But where's the fun in that??


mnjacksons said...

Summer I totally agree. I would love someone to do the not so fun stuff for me. When are you going to Newport we will be there too in a few weeks? email me maybe it could be the same time and could meet up on the beach???

John said...

Great talking with you yesterday Sum.....I hope you guys have a great (and relaxing) time @ Newport, a well deserved vacation for sure.
Love & miss you all.

JoAnna said...

Well said, girlfriend!

Elise said...

Summer, I love catching up on your blog, it seems like I can relate to almost every post!! And you're totally right, there's some major truth to missing residency...especially the friends, it kind of stinks, being real live adults, and not being able to hide behind the carefree student status anymore.
Good luck with the job hunt and have fun your last year!!

p.s. lets meet up in Medford in a couple of years ;)